Here is the complete list of SAP Errors in SAP Errors grouped by Functional Area and Sub-Module. The most commonly used Errors are listed at the top.

Top 100 SAP Errors

# Error Description
1. MESSAGE_TYPE_X Short text of the error message:
2. DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR Database error text: &P4.
3. TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED No more rows could be added to internal table &T1-NAME. To make
4. GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED An attempt was made to access a field symbol that has not been assigned
5. UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION This exception is closely related to a previous exception &YC
6. SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC When an Open SQL array insert is performed
7. RAISE_EXCEPTION A RAISE statement in program &AP has raised exception condition &P1.\n
8. SYNTAX_ERROR The following syntax error has occurred in program &P1:\n
9. TIME_OUT After a certain time
11. ASSERTION_FAILED The following checkpoint group was used: &P1\n
12. CONVT_NO_NUMBER An attempt was made to interpret value &P1 as a number.\n
13. OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED You are trying to access a component with a 'ZERO' object reference
14. GENERATE_SUBPOOL_DIR_FULL No more than &P1 subroutine pools can be generated. This maximum value
15. DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR Database error text: &P4
16. SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED A process in the SAP system has been terminated by a signal in the
17. DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND Attempt made to send an image to a user during background processing.\n
18. MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING The ABAP runtime system and the ABAP Compiler store different types of
19. DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST An invalid request was made to the SAP-internal database interface when
20. ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY An attempt was made to insert an entry into table &T1-NAME. Updating
23. SYSTEM_NO_ROLL More main memory area was requested.\n
24. CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR An error occurred when executing a REMOTE FUNCTION CALL. The error that
26. LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND On account of a branch in the program (CALL FUNCTION/DIALOG
27. ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT An attempt was made to assign a field to a typed field symbol
28. DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR Database error text: &P4\nTriggering SQL statement: &P2
29. COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW In the current arithmetic operation with operands of type P
31. DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION The program run has been interrupted and cannot be resumed. The program
33. TABLE_INVALID_INDEX When changing or deleting one or more rows in internal table &T1-NAME
34. SUM_OVERFLOW In internal table &T1-NAME
35. CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND An attempt was made to execute the CALL FUNCTION statement in program
36. DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND You are trying to use screen &P6 in program &P5. This screen does not
37. DBIF_RSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN In an SAP Open SQL statement
38. MOVE_TO_LIT_NOTALLOWED_NODATA Field &P1 was to assigned a new value but this field is at least partly
39. TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY No more entries could be added to internal table &T1.\n
40. UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CONVERTIBLE Statement &P1 requires operands &P2 and &P3 to be convertible. Since
41. PXA_NO_FREE_SPACE Unable to load a program of &P1 bytes.
42. COMMIT_IN_POSTING Calling a COMMIT WORK in an update process is not allowed because the
43. ITS_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND You can set the service parameter ~generateDynpro = 1 to test this. The
44. MESSAGE_TYPE_UNKNOWN Only message types A
45. SAPSQL_STMNT_TOO_LARGE Size restriction violated for SQL commands.\n
46. DBIF_SETG_SQL_ERROR Database error text: &P4
50. SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR When calling the SAP spool system
52. CONVT_OVERFLOW An overflow occurred while attempting to convert value &P1.
53. CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_TYPE The call to function module &P1 is incorrect:\n
54. CALL_FUNCTION_SINGLE_LOGIN_REJ An RFC call (Remote Function Calls) was sent with invalid user ID &P3.
55. CONVT_CODEPAGE Characters are always displayed in a specific code page. Many code
56. CALL_FUNCTION_PARM_MISSING When calling function module &P2
57. MOVE_CAST_ERROR During the 'CAST' operation ('?=' or 'MOVE TO') an attempt was made to
58. ITS_CANT_LOAD_INCLUDE Compile time include &P5 could not be included. Check whether the
59. CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_LENG The call to function module &P1 is incorrect:\n
60. ASSIGN_BASE_WRONG_ALIGNMENT In the current program &AP
61. TYPELOAD_NEW_VERSION Data type &P1 was loaded from the database at program runtime.\n
63. CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_TYPE When importing object &P1
64. SNAP_NO_NEW_ENTRY The original cause of the error cannot be ascertained because there are
65. GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE An unassigned field symbol was accessed (data segment number &P1).\n
66. SYSTEM_CANT_CLEAR An error occurred when initializing work area &P1.
67. BCD_BADDATA An arithmetical operation in the current program &AP tried to process a
68. DATASET_NOT_OPEN When accessing file "&P1"
69. DYNP_TOO_MANY_RADIOBUTTONS_ON In a group of radio buttons
70. SYSTEM_SHM_AREA_OBSOLETE An attempt was made to to access a shared objects area that has already
71. TABLE_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT An attempt was made to change
72. TSV_TNEW_OCCURS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY No more entries could be added to internal table &T1.\n
73. SAPSQL_INVALID_FIELDNAME An Open SQL clause has been entered dynamically. The field name used
74. DBIF_RSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error in the database interface occurred when accessing the
76. OBJECTS_NOT_CHARLIKE In statement &P1
77. COMMIT_IN_PERFORM_ON_COMMIT Calling a COMMIT WORK in a FORM that is not executed by variant PERFORM
79. LOAD_PROGRAM_LOST Program &P1 had to be reloaded after being pushed out of the local
80. SYSTEM_CANCELED The current program has been terminated by another session
81. SYSTEM_NO_TASK_STORAGE A new memory area of &P1 bytes was requested (memory class TASK).\n
82. CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE The type specified dynamically in CREATE DATA (&P1) is not a valid data
83. READ_REPORT_LINE_TOO_LONG An attempt was made to read program &P4 from the database. The READ
84. DATASET_TOO_MANY_FILES The maximum number of open files (&P1) has been exceeded.
85. ASSIGN_LENGTH_0 In an ASSIGN statement in program &AP
86. BCD_ZERODIVIDE In program &AP
88. PERFORM_NOT_FOUND Program &AP is trying to execute an external PERFORM: routine &V2 of
89. LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS The maximum permitted number of nested screen levels is currently
90. DBIF_DSQL2_OBJ_UNKNOWN Triggering SQL statement: "&P2"\nError code in database: "&P3"
91. BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW A value generated during processing is too large for field &N1 of
92. SAPSQL_SELECT_TAB_TOO_SMALL In an Open SQL array select
93. SYSTEM_IMODE_TOO_LARGE More main memory has been allocated in the internal session than is
94. CREATE_OBJECT_CLASS_NOT_FOUND The class dynamically specified in CREATE OBJECT (class &P1) is not
95. RFC_VMC_COMMUNICATION_ERROR An error has occurred in the RFC layer during communication between
96. CALL_FUNCTION_SYSCALL_ONLY RFC calls (Remote Function Calls) were sent with invalid user ID &P5.
97. COMPUTE_INT_PLUS_OVERFLOW In the current program &AP
98. GEN_BRANCHOFFSET_LIMIT_REACHED When generating program &AP
99. DATASET_WRITE_ERROR An error occurred while writing to file &FN. Error text: &MT\n
100. DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP While processing the &P5