# ERROR Description
1 DATASET_NOT_OPEN When accessing file "&P1"
2 DATASET_TOO_MANY_FILES The maximum number of open files (&P1) has been exceeded.
3 DATASET_WRITE_ERROR An error occurred while writing to file &FN. Error text: &MT\n
4 DATASET_CANT_OPEN File &P1 could not be opened.\n
6 DATA_OFFSET_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE In the current program &AP
7 DATASET_REOPEN File "&P1" cannot be opened because it is already open.
8 DATA_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE In the executed program &AP
9 DATA_LENGTH_0 In the current program &AP
10 DATASET_READ_ERROR Error while reading file &FN.\nError text: &MT\nError code: &MN
11 DATA_LENGTH_NEGATIVE In the current program &AP
12 DATASET_PIPE_POSITION Application program &AP has tried to read or write a file usng a filter
13 DATASET_NO_PIPE Application program &AP has tried to read or write a file usng a filter
14 DATA_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE In the executed program &AP
15 DATA_UC_STRUCT_NOT_CHAR_LIKE In Unicode-enabled programs
16 DATASET_SEEK_ERROR A positioning error has occurred in file &FN. Error text: &MT.\n
17 DATA_OFFSET_NEGATIVE In the current program &AP
18 DATA_UC_STRUCT_C_OFFSET In structures in Unicode-enabled programs
19 DATA_BAD_REFERENCE When accessing a reference variable
20 DATA_OFFSET_LENGTH_NOT_ALLOWED In the current program &AP
22 DATASET_PIPE_CLOSED A pipe &P2 > &P1 has been opened and then closed either explicitly or
23 DATA_UC_STRUCT_C_LENGTH In structures in Unicode-enabled programs
25 DATA_UC_STRUCT_C_OFFSET_LENGTH In structures in Unicode-enabled programs
26 DATASET_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE The current position of the file pointer for file "&P1" is so large
27 DATASET_TELL_ERROR During certain system operations
28 DATASET_CONFLICTING_OPTIONS An attempt was made to open file "&P1" FOR UPDATE with addition
29 DATASET_INCOMPATIBLE_MODE File "&P1" has been opened in a mode that is not compatible with the
30 DATASET_PIPE_CMD_TOO_LONG The command entered at OPEN dataSET with addition FILTER is too
31 DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR database error text: &P4.
32 DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR database error text: &P4\nTriggering SQL statement: &P2
33 MESSAGE_TYPE_X Short text of the error message:
34 UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION This exception is closely related to a previous exception &YC
35 TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED No more rows could be added to internal table &T1-NAME. To make
36 RAISE_EXCEPTION A RAISE statement in program &AP has raised exception condition &P1.\n
37 TIME_OUT After a certain time
38 GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED An attempt was made to access a field symbol that has not been assigned
39 GENERATE_SUBPOOL_DIR_FULL No more than &P1 subroutine pools can be generated. This maximum value
40 DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR database error text: &P4
41 DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST An invalid request was made to the SAP-internal database interface when
42 DBIF_SETG_SQL_ERROR database error text: &P4
43 TYPELOAD_NEW_VERSION data type &P1 was loaded from the database at program runtime.\n
44 GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE An unassigned field symbol was accessed (data segment number &P1).\n
45 DBIF_RSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error in the database interface occurred when accessing the
46 CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE The type specified dynamically in CREATE data (&P1) is not a valid data
47 READ_REPORT_LINE_TOO_LONG An attempt was made to read program &P4 from the database. The READ
48 DBIF_DSQL2_OBJ_UNKNOWN Triggering SQL statement: "&P2"\nError code in database: "&P3"
49 DBIF_RTAB_SQL_ERROR database error text: &P4
50 CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_INCOMPL The logon data for user &P1 is incomplete.
51 DBIF_RSQL_NO_MEMORY The memory required internally by the SAP database interface for
52 CREATE_DATA_ILLEGAL_LENGTH An attempt was made to create a data object of type &P1 with length &P2
53 EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA The dataset stored under an EXPORT/IMPORT ID is restricted by 1. the
54 CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_STRUCTURE When attempting to import data
55 OBJECTS_MOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED You attempted to move one data object to another. This is not possible
56 DATREF_NOT_ASSIGNED An attempt was made to access a data object using a 'NULL' data
63 OBJECTS_TABLES_NOT_COMPATIBLE You attempted to copy two data objects to each other or to compare them
64 CALL_FUNCTION_TABINFO The data in the description of an internal table did not have the
65 LOAD_ZERO_SIZE database inconsistency: Program &P1 exists and is described in table
66 SYSTEM_DATA_ALREADY_FREE An attempt was made to access data in area &P1. This data has already
67 TYPELOAD_LOST data type &P1 had to be reloaded after being pushed out of the local
68 CONVT_NO_NUMBER An attempt was made to interpret value &P1 as a number.\n
70 DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_EMPTY The current ABAP program &AP contains an EXPORT or IMPORT statement
71 SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC When an Open SQL array insert is performed
72 ASSERTION_FAILED The following checkpoint group was used: &P1\n
73 ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY An attempt was made to insert an entry into table &T1-NAME. Updating
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