# ERROR Description
1 GENERATE_SUBPOOL_DIR_FULL No more than &P1 subroutine pools can be generated. This maximum value
2 SAPSQL_INVALID_FIELDNAME An Open SQL clause has been entered dynamically. The field name used
3 CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE The type specified dynamically in CREATE DATA (&P1) is not a valid data
4 CREATE_OBJECT_CLASS_NOT_FOUND The class dynamically specified in CREATE OBJECT (class &P1) is not
5 DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_KIND During a dynamic call of method &P2 of class &P1
6 DYN_CALL_METH_CLASS_NOT_FOUND Class &P1 was specified in a dynamic class method call
7 ASSIGN_CASTING_UNKNOWN_TYPE The type dynamically specified in ASSIGN ... CASTING TYPE (&P1) is
8 CREATE_OBJECT_CLASS_ABSTRACT The class specified dynamically in CREATE OBJECT (class &P1) is
9 DYN_KEY_DUPLICATE An illegal dynamic key declaration of the form "(name)" was used in a
10 CREATE_DATA_NOT_ALLOWED_TYPE The type specified dynamically under "name" in the statement "CREATE
11 DYN_CALL_METH_NO_CLASS_METHOD Method &P2 of class &P1 is an instance method. In dynamic class method
12 DYN_CALL_METH_CLASSCONSTRUCTOR In a dynamic method call
13 DYN_CALL_METH_CONSTRUCTOR During a dynamic method call
14 DYN_CALL_METH_REF_IS_INITIAL An attempt was made to execute a dynamic method call on an initial
15 DYN_CALL_METH_PARREF_INITIAL During the dynamic call of method &P2 of class &P1
16 DYN_CALL_METH_PROTECTED An attempt was made to dynamically call protected method &P2 of class
17 DYN_WHERE_STACK_OVERFLOW The maximum nesting depth of method calls in the dynamic WHERE
18 ITAB_DYN_KEY_ID_MAX_EXCEEDED Check whether dynamic secondary keys have been created for table
19 ITAB_DYN_KEY_ILLEGAL_COMPONENT &P2 entered as the key component for definition of dynamic secondary
20 ITAB_ILLEGAL_SCND_KEY_NAME An attempt was made to access table &N1 via a key dynamically declared
21 MOVE_INTERNAL_ERROR You are trying to execute the MOVE-CORRESPONDING statement with dynamic
23 SAPSQL_AMBIGUOUS_TABNAME A clause was entered dynamically at runtime.\n
24 SAPSQL_INVALID_TOKEN The unexpected word "&P1" was used in the dynamic CREATING addition.
25 SAPSQL_MISSING_FOR_COLUMNS A FOR ALL OTHER was used in the dynamic CREATING addition. This
26 SAPSQL_OTHER_ONLY_AT_THE_END In the dynamic CREATING addition
27 SAPSQL_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_INPUT The dynamic CREATING addition has not been completely specified. The
28 SYSTEM_ALIAS_DEF_MISSING An attempt was made to dynamically access an ALIAS attribute. This
29 SYSTEM_ALIAS_IMPL_MISSING While attempting to dynamically acccess an ALIAS attribute
30 GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED An attempt was made to access a field symbol that has not been assigned
31 LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND On account of a branch in the program (CALL FUNCTION/DIALOG
32 UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CONVERTIBLE Statement &P1 requires operands &P2 and &P3 to be convertible. Since
33 MOVE_CAST_ERROR During the 'CAST' operation ('?=' or 'MOVE TO') an attempt was made to
34 ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT An attempt was made to assign a field to a typed field symbol
35 PERFORM_NOT_FOUND Program &AP is trying to execute an external PERFORM: routine &V2 of
36 OBJECTS_TABLES_NOT_COMPATIBLE You attempted to copy two data objects to each other or to compare them
37 DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_EMPTY The current ABAP program &AP contains an EXPORT or IMPORT statement
38 DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND You are trying to use screen &P6 in program &P5. This screen does not
39 ITAB_ILLEGAL_COMPONENT An attempt was made in ABAP program &AP to process internal table &N1
40 SAPSQL_SELECT_TAB_TOO_SMALL In an Open SQL array select
41 OBJECTS_MOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED You attempted to move one data object to another. This is not possible
43 DBIF_RSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error in the database interface occurred when accessing the
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