# ERROR Description
1 CONVT_OVERFLOW An overflow occurred while attempting to convert value &P1.
2 CALL_FUNCTION_SNC_ERROR An attempt was made to read the SNC information from the database
3 GEN_NO_GENINFO_FOR_DATID There is no generation information for internal ID &P1. This is most
4 GENERAL_INFO_INTERNAL Internal information about termination.
5 GENERAL_ENVIRONMENT information on Environment
6 CALL_FUNCTION_NO_USER_KEY No session information found in function rfc_userkey (abrfcsys.c).
7 GEN_ERROR_COVERAGE_EXPORT While determining information for the Coverage Analyzer after
8 GEN_ILLEGAL_SYNCINFO Table D0GEN contains control information for the SAP kernel. The
9 HTTP_NO_SERVER_RECORD Global information for HTTP communication not found.
10 INCL_FILE information about the processed file:\n
11 INCL_HIDE_ERROR When attempting to modify HIDE information in list line &P2 (e.g. with
12 STRUCBUF_TOO_MANY_TYPES The current program &AP was supposed to store information about a
13 SYSTEM_DB_COMMIT_FAILED For more information about the precise cause of the error
14 SYSTEM_RCR_BAD_REF While accessing the path information for a boxed component
15 TEST_SYSTEM_CALL RABAX error handling call using the SYSTEM-CALL statement. information
16 UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION_NOTE SAP Note &P2 provides information about possible causes of this
17 GENERAL_INFO_BATCH information about termination
18 GENERAL_INFO_GEN information about termination
19 GENERAL_INFO_GEN_TMP information about termination
20 GENERAL_INFO_TMP information about termination
21 DBIF_INCL_NTAB Include for NTAB error messages (internal information).
22 GENERAL_INFO_ST information about a termination in a simple transformation program.
23 GENERAL_INFO_XSLT information about termination in the XSLT program.
24 GENERAL_TRANSACTION_PLUGIN information on caller of &HP connection: Plug-in type......... &HP\n
25 GENERAL_TRANSACTION_RFC information on caller of Remote Function Call (RFC):
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