# ERROR Description
1 CONVT_NO_NUMBER An attempt was made to interpret value &P1 as a number.\n
2 LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS The maximum permitted number of nested screen levels is currently
3 SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC When an Open SQL array insert is performed
4 SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR When calling the SAP spool system
5 GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE An unassigned field symbol was accessed (data segment number &P1).\n
6 DATASET_TOO_MANY_FILES The maximum number of open files (&P1) has been exceeded.
7 LIST_TOPOFPAGE_OVERFLOW The number of lines per page was agreed with &P1. These lines have
9 DYNP_TOO_MANY_CALL_SCREENS The maximum permitted number of nested screen levels is currently
10 LIST_LINE_NOT_FOUND Unable to find line number &P1 in list adminstration.
11 LIST_TOO_MANY_LEVELS The maximum number of nested screen levels is currently restricted to
12 EXSQL_DSQL_CURSOR_LIMIT The number of cursors that can be open at any one time is limited. To
13 ENQUEUE_QUOTA_EXCEEDED The maximum number of SAP locks (enqueues) that a program can request
14 SYSTEM_DATREF_TO_DELETED_OBJ During the processing of the data reference with internal number &P1
15 BCD_ILLEGAL_SORT_FORMAT During conversion of the sort display of a packed number
16 DBIF_RSQL_TOO_MANY_LOB_HANDLES There are three upper limits for the number of locators or streams that
17 DBSQL_SEMREQ_ERROR Error number &MN &MT
18 DBSQL_TOO_MANY_LOB_HANDLES There are three upper limits for the number of locators or streams that
19 DB_ERR_ORA_00052 Maximum number of lock resources exceeded.
20 DSTEP_NO_MODULE Entry number &P3 in program &AP is not a module.
21 DYNPRO_LOAD_FAILED The error bears the error number &P1.\n
22 ES_SEMREQ_ERROR Error number &MN &MT
23 INCL_ERRNO The error reported by the operating system is: Error number..... &MN\n
24 ITS_OUT_OF_REGISTERS Maximum number of of temporary variables (registerrs) in HTMLB
25 ITS_TOO_MANY_ARGUMENTS The number of function parameters for calling function &P5 is
26 OPEN_TASK_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The maximum number of open tasks is limited by profile parameter &P1.
27 PXA_TOO_MUCH_PROCESSES Maximum number of 'work processes' defined in the SAP profile exceeded.
28 RSYN_LIB_WRONG_VERSION The version number of the library is &P2
29 RSYN_WRONG_VERSION The file has version number &P2
30 SAPSQL_FETCH_WRONG_INTOLIST SELECT list and INTO list must have the same number of elements. This
31 SAPSQL_TOO_MANY_TABLES The maximum number of tables that can be processed at one time with an
32 SYSTEM_ARRAY_OVERFLOW An attempt was made to increase the number of entries in internal
33 DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION The program run has been interrupted and cannot be resumed. The program
35 TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED No more rows could be added to internal table &T1-NAME. To make
36 GENERATE_SUBPOOL_DIR_FULL No more than &P1 subroutine pools can be generated. This maximum value
37 CONVT_OVERFLOW An overflow occurred while attempting to convert value &P1.
38 OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED You are trying to access a component with a 'ZERO' object reference
39 MESSAGE_TYPE_X Short text of the error message:
41 DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR Database error text: &P4.
42 CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE The type specified dynamically in CREATE DATA (&P1) is not a valid data
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