# ERROR Description
1 TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED No more rows could be added to internal table &T1-NAME. To make
2 TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY No more entries could be added to internal table &T1.\n
3 MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING The ABAP runtime system and the ABAP Compiler store different types of
5 INCL_INSTALLATION_ERROR The error probably occurred during installation of the SAP system.
6 GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED An attempt was made to access a field symbol that has not been assigned
7 TIME_OUT After a certain time
8 TSV_BTR_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED An attempt was made to expand the tree-type index of an internal table.
9 SYSTEM_NO_ROLL More main memory area was requested.\n
10 SYSTEM_IMODE_TOO_LARGE More main memory has been allocated in the internal session than is
11 EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA The dataset stored under an EXPORT/IMPORT ID is restricted by 1. the
12 TSV_TABH_POOL_NO_ROLL_MEMORY Internal tables are addressed using 8 byte long references. Only when a
14 PXA_NO_FREE_SPACE Unable to load a program of &P1 bytes.
15 RAISE_EXCEPTION A RAISE statement in program &AP has raised exception condition &P1.\n