# FM Description Functional Area
1 AVAILABILITY_CHECK ATP: Verf SD - Availability Check
2 AVAILABILITY_CHECK_CONTROLLER ATP: Steuerung der Verf SD - Availability Check
3 AVAILABILITY_CHECK_EXECUTE ATP-Server: Durchf SD - Availability Check
4 AVAILABILITY_CHECK_SERVER ATP-Server: Einstiegspunkt f SD - Availability Check
6 AVAILABILITY_CHECK_INIT ATP: Initialisierung der Verf CA - Available to Promise (ATP)
7 AVAILABILITY_CHECK_VERSION ATP: Version der Schnittstelle CA - Available to Promise (ATP)
8 BAPI_PRODORD_CHECK_MAT_AVAIL BAPI: Execute Material availability Check for Production Orders PP - Production Orders
9 EXIT_SAPLBPFC_002 User-Exit: Specification of the Action for the availability Control FI - Funds Management
10 BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY ATP information SD - Availability Check
11 EXIT_SAPLATPC_001 Processing Requirements Table Before Calling Actual Check SD - Availability Check
12 EXIT_SAPLATPC_002 Processing Results of Actual Check SD - Availability Check
13 BAPI_APOATP_CHECK Perform Internal availability Check SCM - Interface to External Systems
14 BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD Generate List of Employee availability Personnel Time Management - Personnel Time Management
15 BAPI_APO_AVAILABILITY_CHECK Execute availability Check Externally SCM - Interface to External Systems
16 SD_BACKORDER_CHECK_AND_SAVE Check availability for existing orders with save SD - Basic Functions
17 BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECKAVAILIBILITY Check flight availability Basis - ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure
18 BAPI_PROCORD_CHECK_MAT_AVAIL BAPI: Execute Material availability Check for Process Orders PP - Production Orders
19 CF_UT_MAT_STOCK_CHECK PRT availability check: material stock PP - Production Resources/Tools
20 CO_ZA_AVAILABILITY_CHK_ORDER Verf PP - Production Orders
21 BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Process Maintenance-/Service Order PM - Maintenance Orders
22 RV_AVAILABILITY_CHECK Create a List with ATP Quantities per Material and Plant SD - Basic Functions
23 BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE Sales Order: Simulate Sales Order SD - Basic Functions
24 EXIT_SAPLFMFC_002 availability Control Data for the User FI - Funds Management
25 CO_FU_ORD_AVAILABILITY_CHECK availability check PRT in the order PP - Production Resources/Tools
26 BAPI_MATERIAL_EXISTENCECHECK Check Existence of Material Logistics - Material Master
27 CO_FU_FHM_AVAILABILITY_CHECK availability check of a PRT PP - Production Resources/Tools
28 LE_ATP_CHECK_SINGLE Verf Logistics Execution - Basic Functions
29 META_MATERIAL_AVAIL_PLANTS Material availability information for plants SRM - Enterprise Buyer
30 META_CHECK_PLANT Material availability information SRM - Enterprise Buyer
31 BAPI_WFRES_CHANGEAVAILMULTI Change availability Period of a WFM Resource
32 IBAPI_ALM_ORDER_ATP_CHECK ALM-Auftragsbapis: Verf PM - Maintenance Orders
33 EXIT_SAPLFMPY_001 Priorities for availability Control in Payment Program FI - Funds Management
34 TIMEZONE Timezone Miniap Payroll - USA
35 EXIT_SAPLFMFC_003 Posting availability Control Data for the User FI - Funds Management
36 EXIT_SAPLFMCU_001 Activating the availability Control for Internal CO Postings FI - Funds Management
37 FMAVC_READ_INDEX_ACO_DOWN Determine all budget/posting objects for one availability control object PSM - Availability Control
38 FMAVC_SHOW_ALDNR_ALL Show all availability ledgers, available in FM (F4 pop-up) PSM - Availability Control
39 CO_FU_OPR_AVAILABILITY_CHECK availability check PRT for operation PP - Production Resources/Tools
40 BUAVC_SHOW_ALDNR_ALL Show all availability ledgers (F4 pop-up) PSM - Availability Control
41 FMAVC_SHOW_ALSRC_ALL Show all availability ledgers, available in FM (F4 pop-up) PSM - Availability Control
42 GMAVC_SHOW_ALDNR_ALL Show all availability ledgers, available in FM (F4 pop-up) PSM - Budgeting and Availability Control
43 COI2_PERSON_HRTIMEINFO Returns availability information from HR PM - Capacity and Resource Planning
44 CO_FU_TCO11_VORGANG_DET Determine operat. ctrl.tab availability check prod. resources and tools PP - Production Resources/Tools
45 SD_SPECIAL_STOCK_ASSIGN Determine special stock indicator for availability check SD - Basic Functions
46 FMAVC_DERI_CONTROL_OBJECT Derive the availability control object from an FM account assignment PSM - Availability Control
47 CRS_SERIALNR_CHECK Check the availability of the serial number CO - Controlling
48 CRM_ATP_PROCESS_PARID FM for EntSrv Change SalesOrderProductavailabilityRequirementReference CRM - Availability Check
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