# FM Description Functional Area
1 BILLING_SCHEDULE_READ Read billing plan SD - Billing
2 BILLING_SCHEDULE_GENERATE Maintain billing plan without online SD - Billing
3 BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT Execute external Commit when using BAPIs Basis - ALE Integration Technology
4 EXIT_SAPMV45A_001 User Exit for Determining the billing plan Type SD - Sales
5 BILLING_SCHEDULE_STATUS Change billing plan and/or date (NOT add) SD - Billing
6 BILLING_SCHEDULE_SAVE Fakturierungsplan pflegen SD - Billing
7 BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE Sales order: Change Sales Order SD - Basic Functions
8 BILLING_SCHEDULE_DELETE Delete billing plan SD - Billing
9 BILLING_SCHEDULE_GET_NUMBER billing plan: Assign internal number and save in internal table SD - Billing
10 BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST Accounting: Posting Accounting - Accounting Interface
11 CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT Conversion exit ALPHA, external->internal Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
12 BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 Sales order: Create Sales Order SD - Basic Functions
13 CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Anlegen/ CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
14 NUMBER_GET_NEXT NUmber range: Assigns next free number Basis - Number Range Management
15 SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE Creating a Sales and Distribution Document SD - Sales
16 BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER MM - Materials Management
17 BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE Create Individual Customer billing Document SD - Billing
18 BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATEFROMDATA Create Customer Contract SD - Basic Functions
19 BAPI_ISTBILLDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE Telco-Abrechnungsbelege erzeugen -
20 RV_INVOICE_CREATE Fakturen erzeugen SD - Billing
21 CHANGEDOCUMENT_READ Change document: Read and edit change documents Basis - Change Documents
22 BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST Kundenauftrag: Liste aller Auftragsdaten SD - Basic Functions
23 BAPI_ISTBILLDOC_ADJUST Telco-Abrechnungsbelege anpassen
24 BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE Change Customer Contract SD - Basic Functions
25 BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA1 Creating a Sales and Distribution Document SD - Sales
26 IDOC_OUTPUT_INVOIC SD - Electronic Data Interchange
27 EXIT_SAPLV60B_001 User Exit AC Interface (Header Line) SD - Billing
28 GN_INVOICE_CREATE Fakturen mit allgemeiner Fakturaschnittstelle erzeugen SD - Billing
29 BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE Create Inspection plan QM - Inspection Planning
30 RV_PRICE_PRINT_ITEM Preisfindung SD - Pricing and Conditions
31 EXIT_SAPLV60B_008 User Exit AC Interface Transfer Tables SD - Billing
32 BAPI_ISTBILLDOC_CANCEL Telco-Abrechnungsbelege erzeugen
33 BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE BAPI Change Sales Document SD - Sales
34 EXIT_SAPLV60B_002 User Exit AC Interface (Customer Line) SD - Billing
35 IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_FI EDI: Invoice Receipt (INVOICE) FI - Financial Accounting
36 EXIT_SAPLV60B_004 User Exit AC Interface (GL Account Item) SD - Billing
37 SD_SALES_DOCUMENT_READ Lesen eines Verkaufsbeleges SD - Sales
38 HR_ECM_UI_GET_PROC_PREP_DATA Evaluate process preparation data in format for user interface Personnel Mgmt - Compensation Administration
39 HR_ECM_UI_GET_POSS_COMP_REVS Get list of possible compensation reviews Personnel Mgmt - Compensation Administration
40 HRWPC_RFC_CP_CURRENCY_GETLIST Liste der W Enterprise Portal - Business Package for Manager Self-Service (HR)
41 HR_ECM_UI_WRITE_PROCESS_NOTE Write note of compensation process PA - Compensation Administration
42 HR_ECM_UI_READ_PROCESS_NOTE Read note of compensation process PA - Compensation Administration
43 HR_ECM_UI_SET_SELECTED_CPLAN Notify backend about Cplan which is currently active on user interface PA - Compensation Administration
44 IDOC_INPUT_SBINV Incoming EDI - Self-billing With Invoice Creation SD - Electronic Data Interchange
45 RV_SALES_DOCUMENT_UPDATE Update a sales document SD - Sales
46 QMQP_ND_FIND_FMEA Folgeaktion: Anzeigen FMEAs zum Material QM - Control Plan
47 QMQP_ND_FIND_CPLAN Folgeaktion: Anzeigen Kontrollpl QM - Control Plan
48 SD_SALES_DOCUMENT_SAVE Sichern eines Vertriebsbeleges SD - Sales
49 SD_SALES_BILLINGPLAN_READ Lesen Fakturierungsplankopf und -termine einer Auftragsposition SD - Sales
50 RH_DETERMINE_ORG_OBJID Determine a (WF) Organizational Object Basis - Organizational Management
51 RH_DETERMINE_ORG_OBJECT Determine a (WF) Organizational Object
52 BAPI_EDR_TCOLL_CREATEMULTIPLE EDR f_r Mautabrechnung anlegen
54 BILLING_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN Fakturierungsplan und/oder Termin SD - Billing
55 EXIT_SAPLV60F_001 Editing the Proposed Different billing Date SD - Sales
56 ISU_SAMPLE_R969 Ereignis 969: Kundenspezifische Quick-Info IS - Invoicing
57 BILLING_SCHEDULE_DIALOG Maintain billing plan SD - Billing
58 ISU_BBP_GET_NEXT_DUE_DATE Determine Next Due Date of Budget billing plan IS - Invoicing
59 BILLING_SCHEDULE_INVOICE_VALUE Update billing plan with billing value SD - Billing
60 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_SY_BP_END_DATE Determination of FPLA-ENDAT when billing plan Synchronization happens
61 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_SY_CHG_DEP_BP Change dependent billing plan
62 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_SY_CREATE_G2 GG D23: billing plan, Create G2 when Synchronizing in Transaction
63 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_SY_FPLA_BUILD GG D23: billing plan; change FPLA entries when synchronization
64 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_SY_GET_OLD_BP Get old billing plan
65 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_SY_TRANSFER GG D23: billing plan; copy FPLA entries from old to new billing plan
66 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_TY_CURR_TY Design item 22 - billing plan
67 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_TY_CURR_TY_1 Design item 22, Text fuer billing plan Typ zur Verfuegung stellen
68 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_TY_HEADER Design item 22 - billing plan type - set on header level
69 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_TY_HEADER_OP DI 22, billing plan on hdr. level output only if at least 1 item exists
70 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_TY_OVER_IT_TY Design item 22 - billing plan - override item cat proposal
71 /SAPHT/SW_BL_PL_TY_SW_BL_PL IS-SW: Propose billing plan and switch it on item/header level
72 CRM_BILLPLAN_DEL_BILLREQ_I_EC Delete Billing Request Extension after billing plan Delete CRM - Billing Plan
73 CRM_BILLPLAN_SYNC_BILLREQ_I_EC Maintain Billing Request Extension from billing plan Dates CRM - Billing Plan
74 CRM_GRM_BTX_CHECK_MILE_BRI_EC Check milestone billing plan items consistency CRM - Business Transaction
75 CRM_GRM_BTX_HOLDB_BRI_MAIN_EC Maintain Holdback BRI for billing plan CRM - Business Transaction
76 CRM_IPM_BILLPLAN_D_READ IPM: Reading a billing plan date CRM - Intellectual Property Management
77 CRM_WEC_SC_ITEM_MAP_SETTL_RULE Map Settlement Rules for the billing plan WEC - Web Channel Service Contract
78 EXIT_SAPLE25S_001 IS-U: Check and Change Logical View of Budget billing plan IS - Invoicing
79 EXIT_SAPLEA61_002 IS-U: Modify Due Dates of a Budget billing plan IS - Invoicing
80 ISU_ARCH_BB_MASS_RUN IS-U: Interval Module Archiving Budget billing plan IS - Archiving
81 READ_TEXT SAPscript: Read text BC - SAPscript
82 SAVE_TEXT SAPscript: Save text BC - SAPscript
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