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# ABAP FM Description Functional Area
1 GUID_CREATE Create guid ('globally unique ID') Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
2 GUID_CONVERT Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
3 CRM_INTLAY_GET_HEADER_GUID Lesen der Kopf-guid eines Belegs CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
4 COM_PARTNER_CONVERT_GUID_TO_NO Konvertierungsbaustein zwischen Partner guid und Nummer CRM - Partner Processing
5 CRM_ORDER_READ Lesen: Externer Auftruf f CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
6 CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Anlegen/ CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
7 ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM Address Format According to Post Office guidelines Basis - Address Management/Business Address
8 COM_PRODUCT_GUID_GET Determine guid from External ID AP - Central Part of Product Master
9 CRM_ORDERADM_H_GUID_GET_DB Lesen der guids zu gegebenen Object IDs CRM - Business Transactions
10 CRM_GUID_CREATE Erzeugen einer guid CRM - Business Transactions
11 CRM_INTLAY_GET_ITEM_GUID Lesen der aktuellen Positions-guid CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
12 HR_ECM_EVALUATE_GUIDELINE Evaluate guideline Personnel Mgmt - Compensation Administration
13 DPR_GET_GUID_BY_ID_FROM_DB Delivers guid(s) for Number (+ Version if Necessary) and Object Category PPM - Project Management
14 HRMSS_ECM_UI_VIEW_GUIDELINE MSS - Employee Compensation guidelines Profile EP - Business Package for Manager Self-Service (HR)
15 CHANGEDOCU_HAS_GUID Teste, ob die guid im Objekt verwendet wird
16 EXIT_SAPLLMOB_061 User exit for sorting TOs in interleaving/ system-guided Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
17 HR_ECM_CALC_GUIDELINE_LIMITS Calculate guideline limit amounts from percentages and amounts PA - Compensation Administration
18 HR_ECM_UI_DISP_GUIDELINE Fill column "guideline" for Compensation UI Personnel Mgmt - Compensation Administration
19 GET_CURRENT Get Current Data Project Systems - Structures
20 CONVERSION_EXIT_DPRCE_OUTPUT Development Projects: Konvertierung von guid nach External ID PPM - Project Management
21 CRM_ORDER_GET_HEADER_GUID Aus Ref_Object/Ref_Kind die Header guid ermitteln CRM - Business Transactions
23 BAPI_BUS2054_GET_GUID_FROM_KEY Reading the guids using the WBS Key Project Systems - Interface to External Project Software
24 BAPI_BUS2054_GET_KEY_FROM_GUID Reading the WBS Key using the guids Project Systems - Interface to External Project Software
25 CONVERSION_EXIT_CGPLP_INPUT Project Planning: Conversion of External Project ID -> guid Cross Application - Generic Project Planning
26 BBP_PD_PO_GETDETAIL Holen Daten zu einer Bestellung SRM - Enterprise Buyer
27 BBP_BUPA_GET_NUMBER PARTNER <--> PARTNER_guid SRM - Enterprise/Business Partner Management
28 RSS_UNIQUE_CONVERT_TO_ID25 BW Generierungs-Tool: Konvertiert eine guid von HEX nach CHAR25 Basis - BW Service API
29 CRM_HEADER_OBJ_ID_GET_GUID Hole Object ID (Vorgangsnummer) aus guid CRM - Service Order
30 BUPA_NUMBERS_GET App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
31 BBP_CATEGORY_GET_GUID Ermittlung Kategorie ID zur Kategorie guid SRM - Customizing
32 CONVERSION_EXIT_CGPLP_OUTPUT Project Planning: Conversion guid -> External Project ID Cross Application - Generic Project Planning
33 CRM_AUC_SALESDOC_GETGUID Get Soles Document guid From Document Number CRM - Internet Sales
34 BAPI_BUS2002_GET_ELEGUID_4_KEY Read the guids Using the Activity Element IDs Project Systems - Interface to External Project Software
35 CRM_BUPA_CONSUMER_GET_REFERENC Intern: guid des Referenzgesch CRM - Business Partners
36 BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL Holen Daten zu einem Einkaufswagen SRM - Enterprise Buyer
37 CRM_ORDERADM_I_READ_DB Lesen der Positionsdaten aus dem Datenbankpuffer bzw. von der Datenbank CRM - Business Transactions
38 BP_CENTRALPERSON_GET Lesen der zugeordneten IDs Cross Application - Cross-Application Objects in HR
39 IST_GET_BPARTNER_GUID Internet-Sales: Auftraggeber zu Ansprechpartner CRM - Business Transaction
40 RFC_READ_TABLE External access to R/3 tables via RFC Basis - See Note 539477
41 SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_TO_OBJECT Workflow-Schnittstellen: Workitems zu Objekt Basis - SAP Business Workflow
42 SCROLLING_IN_TABLE Scroll internal tables according to SAP Style guide BC - Table History
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