# FM Description Functional Area
1 BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE1 BAPI to Create Individual reservations MM - Inventory Management
2 BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE Create reservation MM - Basic Functions
3 BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE BAPI to Change Individual reservations MM - Inventory Management
4 EXIT_SAPMM07R_001 Customer Function Exit: Updating a reservation MM - Inventory Management
5 MB_CHANGE_RESERVATION Changing reservations MM - Inventory Management
6 BAPI_RESERVATION_DELETE BAPI to Delete Individual reservations MM - Inventory Management
7 MB_CREATE_RESERVATION Creating reservations MM - Inventory Management
8 BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE Post goods movements with MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT MM - Inventory Management
9 BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT Execute external Commit when using BAPIs Basis - ALE Integration Technology
10 SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT Workflow interfaces: Create event Basis - SAP Business Workflow
11 B470_RESERVATION_CREATE Create reservation SRM - Enterprise Buyer
12 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL Display Details of reservation MM - Basic Functions
13 SWU_OBJECT_PUBLISH Obsolete: Use cl_gos_manager for Publications Basis - Generic Object Services
14 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETITEMS List reservations MM - Basic Functions
15 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL1 Display Details of reservation MM - Inventory Management
16 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETITEMS1 BAPI to Read reservation Items MM - Inventory Management
17 META_RESERVATION_CREATE Create reservation SRM - Enterprise Buyer
18 EXIT_SAPLMEWB_001 Customer Exit: Creation of reservation via BAPI_reservation_CREATE MM - Basic Functions
19 META_PO_DELETE Delete reservation SRM - Enterprise Buyer
20 EXIT_SAPLMB_BUS2093_001 Customer Exit for BAPI_reservation_CREATE1 MM - Inventory Management
21 SWE_EVENT_CREATE_IN_UPD_TASK Erzeugen eines Ereignisses (V1-f Basis - SAP Business Workflow
22 BAPI_MATERIAL_STOCK_REQ_LIST Material - Current Requirements/Stock List PP - Master Data
23 BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Process Maintenance-/Service Order PM - Maintenance Orders
25 MBW_CREATE_RESERVATION MMIM: Creating Manual reservations MM - Basic Functions
26 FMR0_WF_UPDATE_RESERVATION Workflow reservation: Update approval/rejection etc FI - Funds Management
27 ALE_RESERVATION_CREATE1 BAPI -> IDoc: ALE_reservation_CREATE1 MM - Inventory Management
28 B45A_RESERVATION_CREATE Create reservation SRM - Enterprise Buyer
29 MB_CHANGE_RESERVATION_WA Updating the reservation items from goods movements MM - Inventory Management
30 TB_LIMIT_RESERVATION_CHANGE Change to reservations IS - Default Risk and Limit System
31 MB_CHANGE_RESERVATION_ARRAY Changing reservations (array update) MM - Inventory Management
32 FMR0_WF_CHANGE_RESERVATION Workflow reservation: Change for Update FI - Funds Management
33 MB_READ_RESERVATION_POS_WA Reading the reservation items for material movements MM - Inventory Management
34 IDOC_INPUT_RESERVATION_CREATE1 IDoc -> BAPI: IDOC_INPUT_reservation_CREATE1 MM - Inventory Management
35 CO2O_PP_RESB_CHANGE Production order: change material reservation Project Systems - Network and Activity
36 EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLCIF_RSV_002 Post Customer-Specific reservation Fields SCM - Interfaces
37 B40B_RESERVATION_CREATE Create reservation SRM - Enterprise Buyer
38 META_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL Get Details from reservation SRM - Enterprise Buyer
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