# FM Description Functional Area
1 COM_PCAT_ITEMGETPRICE_BY_CND Preisermittlung einer Position CRM - Product Catalog
3 BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE BAPI to Create a Purchase Contract MM - Vendor Outline Agreements
4 BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE BAPI to Change a Purchase Contract MM - Vendor Outline Agreements
5 IDOC_INPUT_COND_A IDOC Inbound Processing: Transfer Conditions SD - Pricing and Conditions
6 EXIT_SAPLEINR_003 Adjustm. of Qty. and Date for Price Determination, GR Against Sched. Agmt. MM - Purchasing
7 BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT Execute external Commit when using BAPIs Basis - ALE Integration Technology
8 CRM_ORDER_READ Lesen: Externer Auftruf f CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
9 BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE Sales Order: Simulate Sales Order SD - Basic Functions
10 BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL Holen Daten zu einem Einkaufswagen SRM - Enterprise Buyer
11 HELP_SERVICE Help service Basis - ABAP Editor
12 BBP_PD_PO_GETDETAIL Holen Daten zu einer Bestellung SRM - Enterprise Buyer
13 RV_CONDITION_COPY Pflege von Konditionss SD - Conditions
14 BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE Change Customer Contract SD - Basic Functions
15 BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE Change Customer Quotation SD - Basic Functions
16 WF_COMMIT Call the transaction update control for the update Basis - SAP Business Workflow
17 BBP_PROCDOC_GETDETAIL Lesen Procurement Document SRM - Enterprise Buyer
18 BAPI_BASICPAY_GETDETAIL Read basic pay Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
19 BAPI_CONTRACT_GETDETAIL BAPI to Display Details of a Purchase Contract MM - Vendor Outline Agreements
20 BAPI_BASICPAY_CHANGE Change Basic Pay Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
21 CONDITION_RECORD_READ Lese Konditionssatz via Zugriffsfolge Logistics - Retail Pricing
22 EXIT_SAPLMEKO_002 Extend Communication Structure KOMP for Pricing MM - Purchasing
23 BAPI_INFORECORD_GETLIST Display Purchasing Info Records MM - Basic Functions
24 SALES_PRICE_READ Ermittlung des Verkaufspreises aus den Stammkonditionen Logistics - Retail Pricing
25 HU_GET_RFC_DATA Pr Logistics - Basic functions
26 HRCM_SALARY_STRUCTURE_UPDATE Update der DB-Tabellen T710A und T710 Personnel Mgmt - Compensation Management
27 COM_PRODUCT_MAINT_CONDITIONS Intern !! Produkt API : Konditionen zum Produkt sichern CRM - Products
28 RP_EVALUATE_INDIRECTLY Indirekte Bewertung Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
29 CK21_MATERIAL_PRICES_READ Materialpreise lesen CO - Product Cost Planning
30 ME_PRICING_DIALOG Sendet Popup zur Erfassung der Simulationsparameter MM - Purchasing
31 SALES_PRICE_COND_TYPE_GET Ermittlung der Verkaufspreis-Konditionsarten Logistics - Retail Pricing
32 SALES_PRICE_DIRECTLY_READ Ermittlung des Verkaufspreises aus den Stammkonditionen Logistics - Retail Pricing
33 LESEN_VARIANTEN_ZU_SA Lesen MARA im Massenzugriff LO - Material Master
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