Here is the complete list of SAP Profile Parameters in SAP Profile Parameters grouped by Functional Area and Sub-Module. The most commonly used Profile Parameters are listed at the top.

Top 100 SAP BASIS Profile Parameters

Rank BASIS Profile Parameter Description
1. SAPSYSTEMNAME Identifier for SAP system
2. NAMETAB Nametab buffers
3. SAPARGV argument string passed to the programm
4. SAPLICENSE license
5. SAPSYSTEM Number to identify a SAP system
7. ICM/HOST_NAME_FULL Full qualified host name
8. INSTANCE_NAME Instance Identification
9. DIR_INSTANCE missing
10. SAPLOCALHOST missing
11. DIR_LIBRARY missing
12. EM/INITIAL_SIZE_MB Initial size of extended memory pool
13. REC/CLIENT Activate/Deactivate table auditing
14. DIR_TRANS root directory for transports
15. SAPHELP missing
16. ZTTA/ROLL_EXTENSION Quota for Extended Memory per user context
17. DIR_CT_RUN missing
18. ABAP/HEAP_AREA_TOTAL limit of heap on Appl.Server
19. SAPPROFILE missing
20. ABAP/HEAP_AREA_NONDIA limit of heap memory per non dialog work process
21. ZTTA/ROLL_AREA Maximum roll area per user context
22. RDISP/MAX_WPRUN_TIME Maximum work process run time
24. ABAP/HEAP_AREA_DIA Limit of heap memory per dialog work process
25. DIR_PROFILE missing
26. SNC/ENABLE Enable SNC-Module (Secure Network Communications)
27. FT_EXE File extension for executables
28. LOGIN/CREATE_SSO2_TICKET Create SSO tickets on this system
29. PHYS_MEMSIZE Available main memory for SAP instance
30. RDISP/MSHOST Hostname where message server is located
31. ZTTA/ROLL_FIRST First used part of memory in ztta/roll_area
32. LOGIN/ACCEPT_SSO2_TICKET Accept SSO ticket logon for this (component) system
33. RDISP/HTTP_MIN_WAIT_DIA_WP Number of waiting dialog work processes
34. SNC/IDENTITY/AS Name of application server for external Security Syst.
35. ABAP/HEAPLIMIT if this limit is reached, wp will be killed at next chance
36. ICM/MAX_THREADS Maximum number of worker threads of ICM
37. WP_ID Work process ID (number)
38. ICM/KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT Keep alive timeout for inactive connections
39. SNC/GSSAPI_LIB Filename for external GSS-API shared library
40. MS/HTTP_PORT Port where HTTP requests arrive
41. RDISP/PG_SHM Size of paging buffer
42. SAPTRANSHOST central host for transports
43. DIR_HOME home directory
44. ABAP/BUFFERSIZE Program Buffer Size
45. SAPDIAHOST missing
46. ICM/MAX_CONN Maximum number of open connections at one time
47. ICM/HTTPS/VERIFY_CLIENT SSL Client Certificate required?
48. ICM/CONN_TIMEOUT Timeout for outgoing connections
49. RDISP/PG_MAXFS Maximum size of SAP paging file
50. ENQUE/TABLE_SIZE Size of Enqueue Table
51. ICM/MIN_THREADS Minimum number of threads of ICM
52. DIR_GLOBAL missing
53. RDISP/ROLL_SHM Roll buffer size
54. SAPDBHOST missing
55. ICM/HTTP/ERROR_TEMPL_PATH Description where the error templates can be found
56. RSDB/NTAB/ENTRYCOUNT number of nametabentries administrated
57. RDISP/RFC_MIN_WAIT_DIA_WP Number of waiting dialog work processes
59. EM/BLOCKSIZE_KB Block size for extended memory
60. ICM/MAX_SOCKETS Maximum numer of sockets to use
61. DBMS/TYPE missing
62. RDISP/WP_NO_DIA number of dialog work processes
63. RDISP/ROLL_MAXFS Maximum roll file size
64. ICM/REQ_QUEUE_LEN Maximum number of requests waiting for processing
65. RDISP/TRACE Set developer trace level
66. ZCSA/INSTALLED_LANGUAGES Anmeldesprachen eines Applikation-Servers
67. ABAP/FIELDEXIT Customer only: Exit on dynpro fields allowed
68. HTTP/SERVER_CACHE_<XX>/SIZE_MB Sze of ICM server cache
69. ICM/ACCEPT_REMOTE_TRACE_LEVEL Accept external switch of trace level
70. SNC/DATA_PROTECTION/MAX Limit for data protection of Secure Network Comm.
71. RDISP/START_ICMAN start internet communication manager
72. DIR_EPS_ROOT root path for EPS file transfer
73. DIR_PERF missing
74. RDISP/SOFTCANCEL_SEQUENCE Sequence of delays for the signals sent at a softcancel
75. RDISP/WP_NO_ENQ Number of Enqueue work processes
76. LOGIN/PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_TIME Dates until password must be changed
77. RDISP/GUI_AUTO_LOGOUT Maximum Time of no Input at the GUI
78. RDISP/RFC_MAX_LOGIN Quota for logins
79. SNC/DATA_PROTECTION/USE Level of data protection for R/3 initiated connections
80. RDISP/TM_MAX_NO Maximum number of entries in tm_adm
81. RDISP/J2EE_START Enable start of J2EE engine
82. SNC/ACCEPT_INSECURE_GUI Accept insecure SAPGUI logins to SNC-enabled Server
83. EM/GLOBAL_AREA_MB Size of the extended global memory area (EG) im MB
84. RDISP/WP_NO_BTC Number of background work processes
85. SSL/SSL_LIB Filename for external SSL shared library
86. ICM/MIN_SPARE_THREADS Number of worker threads ICM tries to keep free
87. RDISP/RFC_MAX_COMM_ENTRIES Quota for use of communication entries
88. RDISP/WP_NO_SPO Number of spool work processes
89. RDISP/TRACE_LOGGING Switch on/off trace logging
90. ICM/SECURITY_LOG Configuration of ICM security log
91. RDISP/RFC_MAX_OWN_USED_WP Quota for own used work processes
92. SERVER_CACHE_<XX>/MAX_NAME_LEN Maximum character length of ICM cache keys
93. RDISP/MSSERV_INTERNAL internal port for server communication
94. RDISP/MSSERV Message Server service
95. RDISP/RFC_USE_QUOTAS Switch to enable/disable RFC quotas
96. SNC/DATA_PROTECTION/MIN Min. required data protection for incoming connections
97. RDISP/RFC_MAX_OWN_LOGIN Quota for own logins
98. SNC/PERMIT_INSECURE_START Permit to start insecure programs when SNC is enabled
99. RDISP/RFC_MAX_QUEUE Quota for dispatcher request queue
100. SNC/ACCEPT_INSECURE_RFC Accept insecure RFC-connections to SNC-enabled Server