CNVCDMCUCIA_RES is a standard Custom Development Management Cockpit Transparent Table in SAP SV application, which stores CDMC : UCIA - Result of Remote Comparison of SAP Objects data. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for CNVCDMCUCIA_RES. You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.


Description: CDMC : UCIA - Result of Remote Comparison of SAP Objects
Main Category: SV
Sub Category: Custom Development Management Cockpit
Table type: Transparent Table (TRANSP)

CNVCDMCUCIA_RES — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 PROJECT_ID Project definition X CHAR 5 *
    2 PGMID Program ID in requests and tas X CHAR 4
    3 OBJECT GTIN value X CHAR 4
    4 OBJ_NAME BW Object X CHAR 120
    5 NOT_EXIST The object does not exist in one of the systems CHAR 1
    6 PRIMARY_KEY Change in the primary key of the table CHAR 1
    8 SEARCH_HELP Search help has changed CHAR 1
    9 CHECK_TABLE Check table changed CHAR 1
    10 FIELD_NUMBER Number of fields changed CHAR 1
    11 VIEW_FIELD_DEL Field deleted CHAR 1
    12 VIEW_DB_NUMBER Number of databases involved in a view have changed CHAR 1
    13 VIEW_JOIN_COND Join condition of the view has changed CHAR 1
    14 REF_TYPE Reference type (Released CHAR 1
    15 DATATYPE Data type in ABAP Dictionary CHAR 1
    16 DOMA_VALUES Fixed values / Value table of the domain has changed CHAR 1
    17 DOMA_CONV_EXIT Conversion routine of the domain has changed CHAR 1
    18 ENQU_PARAMETERS Parameters of the lock object have changed CHAR 1
    19 ENQU_MODE Lock mode has changed CHAR 1
    20 ENQU_TABLE Secondary tables of the lock object have changed CHAR 1
    21 REPSDELTA Program / Include has changed CHAR 1
    22 FUNC_OBSOLETE Function Module has been flagged as obsolete CHAR 1
    23 FUNC_INTERFACE Interface of the Function Module has changed CHAR 1
    24 FUNC_INT_ATTR Change in the Attributes of the FM's interface parameter CHAR 1
    25 FUNC_INT_REFTYPE Change in the ref. type of the FM's interface parameter CHAR 1
    27 METH_CHANGED Method changed CHAR 1
    28 METH_PROPERTIES Method Properties changed CHAR 1
    29 METH_PARAMETERS Method Parameters have changed CHAR 1
    30 CLAS_PROPERTIES Class properties changed CHAR 1
    31 REASON_CATEGORY CDMC : UCIA - Reason Category for Remote Comparison Display CHAR 160
    32 REASON1 Text field length 200 CHAR 200
    33 REASON2 Text field length 200 CHAR 200
    34 OTHER_REASONS Char255 CHAR 255
    35 DIRECT_IMPACT CDMC - General Flag CHAR 1
    36 COUNTER SAP Workload: Workload: RFC number of records INT4 10
    37 ADD_DELE Parameters added/deleted CHAR 1
    38 FIELD_DELETED TABL Fields deleted CHAR 1
    39 FIELD_ADDED TABL Fields added CHAR 1
    40 PARA_ADDED Interface Parameter added CHAR 1
    41 PARA_DELETED Interface Parameter deleted CHAR 1
    42 MAN_PARA_ADDED Mandatory Parameter Added CHAR 1
    43 MAN_PARA_DELETED Mandatory Parameter deleted CHAR 1