COMD_WEC_BP_CP is a standard Web Channel: Applications Transparent Table in SAP WEC application, which stores Checkout Profile data. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for COMD_WEC_BP_CP. You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

COMD_WEC_BP_CP — Meta Data

Description: Checkout Profile
Main Category: WEC
Sub Category: Web Channel: Applications
Table type: Transparent Table (TRANSP)

COMD_WEC_BP_CP — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 CLIENT Client X CLNT 3 *
    2 PROFILE_GROUP Checkout Profile Group X CHAR 2 COMC_WEC_BP_CPG
    3 PROFILE_GUID Character field X RAW 16
    4 PARTNER_NO Character field CHAR 10 *
    5 .INCLUDE 0
    6 CP_NAME Name CHAR 40
    7 BILL_ADDR GUID of a Business Partner Address RAW 16
    8 SHIP_ADDR GUID of a Business Partner Address RAW 16
    9 DELIV_TYPE Shipping Conditions CHAR 2
    10 DELIV_PRIO Delivery Priority NUMC 2
    11 PAYMENT_METHOD Payment method CHAR 1
    12 PSP_KEY Payment Service Provider CHAR 4
    13 INCOTERMS1 Incoterms (part 1) CHAR 3
    14 INCOTERMS2 Incoterms (part 2) CHAR 28
    15 CARD_GUID GUID of a Payment Card CHAR 32