COM_WEC_CUSTOMER_CREDIT_CARD is a standard Web Channel: Basic Functions - Payment Method Structure in SAP WEC application. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for COM_WEC_CUSTOMER_CREDIT_CARD. You can use the transaction code SE11 to view the fields in this structure.


Description: Web Channel: Customer Credit Card Details
Main Category: WEC
Sub Category: Web Channel: Basic Functions - Payment Method
Table type: Structure (INTTAB)

COM_WEC_CUSTOMER_CREDIT_CARD — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 CARD_GUID GUID of a Payment Card CHAR 32
    2 .INCLUDE 0
    3 CARD_TYPE \r\n \t\tType of credit card\r\nPossible va CHAR 4 *
    4 CARD_NUMBER \r\n \t\tCredit card number\r\n CHAR 25 *
    5 CCNAME Payment cards: Name of cardholder CHAR 40
    6 ISSBANK Payment cards: Issuing bank CHAR 40
    7 VALID_FROM User Valid From DATS 8
    8 VALID_TO User Valid To DATS 8
    9 CARD_DEFAULT BP: Standard Payment Card CHAR 1
    10 LOCKED Natural number CHAR 1
    11 VALID_TO_MONTH Ticket validaty to : month INT4 10
    12 VALID_TO_YEAR ticket validity to : year INT4 10
    13 OPERATION Operation CHAR 1