E1EDL22 is a standard Transportation Structure in SAP LE application. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for E1EDL22. You can use the transaction code SE11 to view the fields in this structure.

E1EDL22 — Meta Data

Description: Delivery Header Descriptions
Main Category: LE
Sub Category: Transportation
Table type: Structure (INTTAB)

E1EDL22 — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 VSTEL_BEZ Description of shipping point CHAR 30
    2 VKORG_BEZ Name CHAR 20
    3 LSTEL_BEZ Loading point description CHAR 20
    4 VKBUR_BEZ Description of sales office CHAR 20
    5 LGNUM_BEZ Warehouse number description CHAR 25
    6 INCO1_BEZ Description CHAR 30
    7 ROUTE_BEZ Description CHAR 40
    8 VSBED_BEZ Description of the shipping conditions CHAR 20
    9 TRATY_BEZ Description CHAR 20
    10 INCOV_BEZ CHAR 25

Related Tables

TABLE Description Functional Area
E1EDL20 Delivery header LE - Transportation
E1ADRM1 Central Address Segment Group, Main Segment BC - ALE Integration Technology
E1EDL21 Delivery Header Additional Data LE - Transportation
E1EDT13 IDoc: Deadline (delivery) LE - Transportation
E1EDL18 IDOC: Controlling (Delivery) LE - Transportation
E1EDL23 Deliv.Header Addit.Data Descriptions LE - Transportation
E1EDL24 Delivery Item LE - Transportation

Transaction Codes for SAP Table E1EDL22

TCODE Description Functional Area
XD01 Create Customer (Centrally) FI - Basic Functions
ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders MM - Purchasing
VA02 Change Sales Order SD - Sales
XSLT XSLT tester Basis - ABAP XML Processing
SM21 Online System Log Analysis Basis - SAP System Log
OBD2 C FI Maintain Table T077D FI - Basic Functions
WE23 Verification of IDoc processing Basis - ALE Integration Technology
OBA0 G/L Account Tolerance Groups FI - Financial Accounting

FMs for SAP Table E1EDL22

FM Description Functional Area
USER_SETTINGS User settings Basis - Terminology/Glossary
EXIT_SAPLV56K_002 Transmit Shipments to IDOC Type Logistics Execution - Transportation
SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 SAPoffice: Send new document with attachments using RFC Basis - Use Subcomponents
MMIM_ENTRYCHECK_MAIN Eingabepr MM - Inventory Management
IDOC_OUTPUT_DELVRY Ausgabe Lieferungsnachrichten f Logistics Execution - Transportation
EXIT_SAPLVEDC_002 Customer Enhancement for Data Segments Sales Order Confirmation SD - Electronic Data Interchange
TEXT_CONVERT_XLS_TO_SAP Dekodierung EXCEL Format in SAP Datenformat Treasury - Treasury
REQUIREMENTS_MAINTAIN_CONFIG Pflege der Einsatzwahrscheinlichkeiten in der Programmplanung PP - Demand Management

ABAP Reports for SAP Table E1EDL22

ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
MV50AFZ1 User Exit as of 21D for Delivery Processing SD - Material Maintenance
MV50AFZZ User Exit for Batch Determination SD - Material Maintenance
RSEINB00 IDoc inbound processing using file Basis - ALE Integration Technology