ESKL is a standard External Services Transparent Table in SAP MM application, which stores Account Assignment Specification: Service Line data. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for ESKL. You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

ESKL — Meta Data

Description: Account Assignment Specification: Service Line
Main Category: MM
Sub Category: External Services
Table type: Transparent Table (TRANSP)

ESKL — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 MANDT Client X CLNT 3 T000
    2 PACKNO Package number X NUMC 10 ESLH
    3 INTROW Internal line number for limits X NUMC 10
    4 NUMKN Seq. Number of Acc. Assignment Specification: Service Line X NUMC 2
    5 AEDAT Changed on DATS 8
    6 LOEKZ Deletion flag for BOMs CHAR 1
    7 NOACT Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    8 MENGE Quantity in base unit of measure QUAN 13
    9 WPROZ Distrib. % for multiple account assignment (1 decimal place) DEC 4
    10 NETWR Net value CURR 11
    11 ZEKKN Sequential Number of Account Assignment NUMC 2
    12 HPACKNO Updated information in related user data field NUMC 10 ESLH
    13 ACT_MENGE Updated information in related user data field QUAN 13
    14 ACT_WERT Updated information in related user data field CURR 13
    15 PLN_NUMKN Seq. Number of Acc. Assignment Specification: Service Line NUMC 2
    16 NAVNW Char 15 CURR 11
    17 LFPOS Item of a Reference Document NUMC 4
    18 INV_MENGE Purchase Order: Quantity Entered from the Invoice QUAN 13
    19 FINAL CHAR 1
    20 FINAL_QTY Final Account Assignment Quantity QUAN 13
    21 FINAL_REASON Updated information in related user data field CHAR 2 T163RC
    22 AA_FINAL_QTY_F Final Account Assignment Quantity (Floating Point Number) FLTP 16
    23 MENGE_F Quantity (Floating Point Number - Internal Field) FLTP 16
    24 _DATAAGING Data Filter Value for Data Aging DATS 8

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Related Tables

TABLE Description Functional Area
ESLL Lines of Service Package MM - External Services
ESKN Account Assignment in Service Package MM - External Services
ESLH Service Package Header Data MM - External Services
EKPO Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing
ESSR Service Entry Sheet Header Data MM - External Services
EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
ESUC Ext. Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract Item MM - External Services

Transaction Codes for SAP Table ESKL

TCODE Description Functional Area
SPRO Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
CL20N Object Assignments Cross Application - Classification
ML81N Service Entry Sheet MM - External Services
CL24N Class Assignments Cross Application - Classification
MIGO Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
SE16 Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
MCH1 RIS: Execute Evaluation Logistics - Retail Information System (RIS)
MDBS MPS - total planning run PP - Master Data

FMs for SAP Table ESKL

FM Description Functional Area
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE Create Entry Sheet MM - External Services
EXIT_SAPLMLSK_001 Set Account Assignment in Service Line MM - External Services
BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL Display Purchase Order Details MM - Basic Functions
MEREP_DELTABO Delta BO (T51 Delta BO Receiver) Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
SET_PF_STATUS Setzen Pf-Status Basis - ABAP Editor
CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_INPUT Conversion exit for commercial (3-char) measurement unit INPUT Basis - Units of Measurement
EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 Customer Function Call f Basis - BW Service API
SERNR_ADD_TO_HU Hinzufuegen Serialnummer(n) zu Handlingunit-Objektliste Logistics - Serial Numbers

ABAP Reports for SAP Table ESKL

ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
SAPLMLSK Function Group MLSK Account Assignment Specification: Service
SAPMM06E Module Pool: PO History MM - Purchasing
BDLCOES Tool to maintain COE entries Service - Service Data Download
ALSYSAL Program for Object Type SYSALERT: System Alert Basis - Monitoring
J_1IEWT_CERT Print Withholding Tax Certificates for Vendors FI - Localization
J_1IEWT_MIGRATE Data Migration Tool from Classic to Extended withholding tax FI - Localization
RMPRKONT Rebuild of Account Assignment for PM Purchase Requistions MM - External Services
RKANBU01 Transfer Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Commitments CO - Overhead Cost Orders

BW Datasources for SAP Table ESKL

BW DATASOURCE Description Functional Area
2LIS_06_INV Extraction of Invoice Verification Data into BW MM - Materials Management
2LIS_02_ITM Purchasing Data (Item Level) MM - Materials Management
2LIS_02_SCL Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level) MM - Materials Management
2LIS_02_SGR Produced Activity: Delivery of Schedule Lines MM - Materials Management
2LIS_02_CGR Produced Activity: Delivery of Confirmations MM - Materials Management
2LIS_02_SCN Produced Activity: Confirmation of Schedule Lines MM - Materials Management

Authorization Objects for SAP Table ESKL

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
CRM_CATT Authorization for CRM eCATT Based Unit Testing
CMS_CAG Authorization object for CAG
J_1ITDS Authorization object for TDS transaction J1IN
J_1IRG23D Authorisation object for Depo Transactions
ECM_REQ Change Management: Change Request
ECM_ORD Change Management: Change Order
ECM_VAL Change Management: Validity
J_1IEWT_HC health check for Migration to EWT