LIPSD is a standard Shipping Structure in SAP LE application. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for LIPSD. You can use the transaction code SE11 to view the fields in this structure.

LIPSD — Meta Data

Description: Dynamic Part of the Delivery Item
Main Category: LE
Sub Category: Shipping
Table type: Structure (INTTAB)

LIPSD — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 UPDKZ Change Indicator CHAR 1
    2 CHMULT Indicator: more than one batch CHAR 4
    3 OFMNG Quantity field QUAN 15
    4 PIKMG Char 15 QUAN 13
    5 VRKMP Sales unit UNIT 3 T006
    6 LBEFU_IND Row Index of Internal Tables INT4 10
    7 LIPS_UP Update indicator CHAR 1
    8 VERAB Updated information in related user data field DATS 8
    9 G_LFIMG Actual quantity delivered (in sales units) QUAN 13
    10 KCMENG_VME Cumulative Batch Quantity of All Split Items (in Sales UoM) QUAN 15
    11 VGVGBEL Document number of the reference document CHAR 10
    12 VGVGPOS Item number of the reference item NUMC 6
    14 UMREZ Equal To DEC 5
    15 UMREN Denominator DEC 5
    16 VUPOS Originating item NUMC 6
    17 LSTANR Free goods delivery control CHAR 1
    18 NATGR Delivery group (items are delivered together) NUMC 3
    19 VGUEPOS Higher-level item in bill of material structures NUMC 6
    20 RFBEL Delivery CHAR 10
    21 RFPOS Reference line item NUMC 6
    22 POSGUID Updated information in related user data field CHAR 22
    23 QUAN_NO_CHECK Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    24 ID Check ID INT4 10
    25 CREATE_UCLIEF Indicator: Creation of an Unchecked Delivery Item Active CHAR 1
    26 UCDEL_TO_DEL Indicator: Conversion of Unchecked Delivery Active CHAR 1
    27 ETENS Updated information in related user data field NUMC 4
    28 EBUMG Quantity to Book In in SUn (Sales Unit) QUAN 13
    29 EBUMG_BME Quantity to Book In in BUn (Base Unit of Measure) QUAN 13
    30 EBUMG_FLO Quantity to Book In in Sales Unit FLTP 16
    31 EBUMG_FLT Quantity to Book In in Base Unit of Measure FLTP 16
    32 VBUMG GR-Posted Quantity in SUn QUAN 13
    33 VBUMG_BME Quantity (GR Posted) in Base Unit of Measure QUAN 13
    34 .INCLUDE 0
    35 BTYPB HR-GB: P11D Benefit Type CHAR 1
    36 BLNRB Document number CHAR 10
    37 BPOSB Document item NUMC 6 *
    38 DOCUBATCH_CHARG Documentry Batches - Batch Number CHAR 10
    39 DOCUBATCH_CONTROL Specifies Documentary Batch CHAR 1
    41 IS_QUITL Checkbox CHAR 1
    42 MDIFF_BWART Difference Movement Type (Quantity Differences) CHAR 3
    43 MDIFF_GRUND Reason for movement NUMC 4
    44 MDIFF_LGORT Storage location CHAR 4
    45 MDIFF_COMPL Checkbox CHAR 1
    46 MDIFF_FZGLS Do Not Adjust Cumulative Received Quantity CHAR 1
    47 MDIFF_ETANP Adjust Open Quantity in Scheduling Agreement Item CHAR 1
    48 MDIFF_POPUP Display Dialog Box CHAR 1
    49 SPE_DLV_QTY_FROM Actual Delivered Quantity in Stockkeeping Units QUAN 13
    50 SPE_PROCESS_DATE UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15
    51 SPE_MDIFF_INSMK Stock Type CHAR 1
    52 SPE_DEL_INSMK General Flag CHAR 1
    53 SPE_KZEBU Item Marked for Partial Goods Receipt CHAR 1
    54 SPE_PICK_DENIAL Pick Denial Flag CHAR 1
    55 SN_FROM_TAB Ignore Serial Numbers of Preceding Document CHAR 1
    56 SPE_XNOCON Quantity conversion not necessary CHAR 1
    57 SPE_ITEM_PROCESS Item Process Identification CHAR 3
    58 MSR_VALUATION Checkbox CHAR 1
    59 .INCLU--AP 0
    60 /CWM/G_LFIMG Actual Delivered Quantity in Parallel Unit of Measure QUAN 13
    61 .INCLU--AP 0
    62 /SAPMP/LBA_NO_DB DTUC Complete CHAR 1
    63 .INCLU--AP 0
    64 BORGR_INCO1 Incoterms (part 1) CHAR 3 *
    65 BORGR_INCO2 Incoterms (part 2) CHAR 28
    66 .INCLU--AP 0
    67 .INCLUDE 0
    68 PQTY_REM_DLV Unpacked quantity per delivery item QUAN 15
    69 .INCLUDE 0
    70 PACKQTY_GROSS Gross packing quantity QUAN 15
    71 PACKQTY_GROSS_V Gross packing quantity in sales unit of measure QUAN 15
    72 PACKQTY_CUMUL Cumulative material quantity of all HUs QUAN 15
    73 PACKQTY_CUMUL_V Cumulative material quantity of handling units (SUM) QUAN 15
    74 PACKQTY_NET Net packed quantity QUAN 15
    75 PACKQTY_NET_V Net packed quantity in sales unit of measure QUAN 15
    76 PACKQTY_REQ Cumulated packing requirement QUAN 15
    77 PACKQTY_REQ_V Cumulative packing reqmt in sales unit of measure QUAN 15
    78 PACKQTY_EXCEED Overpacked quantity QUAN 15
    79 PACKQTY_EXCEED_V Overpacked quantity in sales unit of measure QUAN 15
    80 .INCLU--AP 0
    81 PROCESSED Processing status PROCESSED CHAR 1

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Transaction Codes for SAP Table LIPSD

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VL02N Change Outbound Delivery Logistics Execution - Shipping
SPRO Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
VA01 Create Sales Order SD - Sales
VBKD Bonus Buy: Condition Types SD - Free Goods
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ABAP Reports for SAP Table LIPSD

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Authorization Objects for SAP Table LIPSD

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
C_AFKO_AWK CIM: Plant for order type of order