MDSM is a standard Master Data Transparent Table in SAP PP application, which stores Simulative dependent requirements data. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for MDSM. You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

MDSM — Meta Data

Description: Simulative dependent requirements
Main Category: PP
Sub Category: Master Data
Table type: Transparent Table (TRANSP)

MDSM — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 MANDT Client X CLNT 3 T000
    2 SBNUM Shipping Bill Date X NUMC 10
    3 SBPOS Simulation requirements item number X NUMC 4
    4 SBART Record type X CHAR 1
    5 AUFST Order Level NUMC 2
    6 AUFWG Order Path NUMC 2
    7 POSNR Item CHAR 4
    8 SORTF Sort String CHAR 10
    9 PLSCN Planning scenario of long-term planning NUMC 3 PLSC
    10 MATNR Material CHAR 40 MARA
    11 WERKS Plant CHAR 4 T001W
    12 LGORT Stor. Location CHAR 4 T001L
    13 PRVBE Production Supply Area CHAR 10 PVBE
    14 BDART Requirement type CHAR 2
    15 POSTP Item category (bill of material) CHAR 1 T418
    16 UPSKZ Indicator: Sub-Items Exist CHAR 1
    17 SCHGT Indicator: bulk material CHAR 1
    18 TXTPS Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    19 INPOS Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    20 DUMPS Number CHAR 1
    21 KFPOS Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    22 NODSP Ind: Reserv. not applicable to MRP;Purc. req. not created CHAR 1
    23 DBSKZ Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    24 BDMNG Base Quantity Packed in the Handling Unit Item QUAN 13
    25 MEINS Base Unit UNIT 3 T006
    26 ESMNG Updated information in related user data field FLTP 16
    27 SHKZG Debit/Credit CHAR 1
    28 BEIKZ Material Provision Indicator CHAR 1 T417
    29 ERSKZ Indicator: Spare Part CHAR 1 T413
    30 ERFMG Quantity in unit of entry QUAN 13
    31 ERFME Unit of entry UNIT 3 T006
    32 UMREZ Equal To DEC 5
    33 UMREN Denominator DEC 5
    34 FMENG Quantity is Fixed CHAR 1
    35 ALPOS Indicator: alternative item CHAR 1
    36 EWAHR Tolerance from DEC 3
    37 ALPGR Alternative item: group CHAR 2
    38 ALPRF Alternative item: ranking order NUMC 2
    39 ALPST Alternative item: strategy CHAR 1
    40 AUSCH Component Scrap (Component) DEC 5
    41 AVOAU Operation Scrap DEC 5
    42 NETAU Indicator: Net Scrap CHAR 1
    43 BDTER Requirements date for the component DATS 8
    44 SBTER Updated information in related user data field DATS 8
    45 VERTI Distribution Key for Component Consumption CHAR 4
    46 NLFZT Lead-Time Offset DEC 3
    47 BDZTP Updated information in related user data field TIMS 6
    48 ROHPS Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    49 ROANZ Number of Variable-Size Items QUAN 13
    50 ROMEN Quantity of Variable-Size Item QUAN 13
    51 ROMEI Unit of measure for sizes 1 to 3 UNIT 3 T006
    52 ROMS1 Size 1 QUAN 13
    53 ROMS2 Size 2 QUAN 13
    54 ROMS3 Size 3 QUAN 13
    55 RFORM Formula key CHAR 2 T418F
    56 CUOBJ Configuration (internal object number) NUMC 18
    57 NFPKZ Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    58 KZAUS Discontinuation Indicator CHAR 1
    59 NFEAG Discontinuation group CHAR 2
    60 NFGRP Follow-up group CHAR 2
    61 NAFKZ Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    62 NOMNG Updated information in related user data field QUAN 13
    63 NOMAT Material Number (18 Characters CHAR 40
    64 NFUML Updated information in related user data field DEC 5
    65 LTXSP Language: The long Text was Stored in this Language LANG 1 T002
    66 POTX1 BOM Item Text (Line 1) CHAR 40
    67 POTX2 BOM Item Text (Line 2) CHAR 40
    68 PLNUM Planned order CHAR 10 PLAF
    69 BAUGR Material is an assembly CHAR 40 MARA
    70 BAUST Assembly Order Level NUMC 2
    71 BAUWG Assembly Order Path NUMC 2
    72 SERNR BOM explosion number CHAR 8
    73 AENNR Change Number CHAR 12 AENR
    74 REVLV Revision Level CHAR 2
    75 STLTY BOM category CHAR 1
    76 STLNR Bill of material CHAR 8
    77 STLKN BOM item node number NUMC 8
    78 STPOZ Internal counter NUMC 8
    79 OBJNR Object number CHAR 22 ONR00
    80 FLGAT Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1 TCA07
    81 PLNFL Sequence CHAR 6
    82 VORNR Oper./Act. CHAR 4
    83 APLZL General counter for order NUMC 8
    84 STVKN Inherited Node Number of BOM Item NUMC 8
    85 VRPLA Updated information in related user data field CHAR 1
    86 PBDNR Updated information in related user data field CHAR 10
    87 KNTTP Account Assignment Category CHAR 1 T163K
    88 SOBKZ Special Stock CHAR 1 T148
    89 KZVBR Consumption posting CHAR 1
    90 KDAUF Sales Order Number CHAR 10
    91 KDPOS Item Number in Sales Order NUMC 6
    92 KDEIN Delivery schedule for sales order NUMC 4
    93 PSPEL Work Breakdown Structure Element (WBS Element) NUMC 8 PRPS
    94 CLAKZ Selection flag CHAR 1
    95 SANKA Indicator for Relevancy to Costing CHAR 1
    96 KZKUP Indicator: co-product CHAR 1
    97 STLAL Alternative BOM CHAR 2
    98 TECHS Parameter Variant/Standard Variant CHAR 12
    99 LIFNR Vendor CHAR 10 LFA1
    100 EDGNO Internal number for edge of object dependencies tree NUMC 17 M60I
    101 NLFZV Lead-time offset for operation DEC 3
    102 NLFMV Unit for lead-time offset for operation UNIT 3
    103 KZBWS Valuation of Special Stock CHAR 1
    104 BOM_VERSN CHAR 4

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Transaction Codes for SAP Table MDSM

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BUSN BDT: Activity Categories App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
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FMs for SAP Table MDSM

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REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE List body comment block output BC - SAP List Viewer
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F4_FILENAME F4 for filename / Filemanager support to locate file in a directory PM - Plant Maintenance

ABAP Reports for SAP Table MDSM

ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
CALLSTAOTB Call Corresponding Transactions in Accordance with OTBPARAM Entries PP - Sales Plan
CALLOTB OTB: Planning: Initial Screen PP - Sales Plan
RMCBNEUA New Setup for Info Structures from Material Movements MM - Inventory Controlling
RMEBEIN4 Automatic Document Adjustment: Create Worklist MM - Purchase Orders
RMCBRW40 Key Figure: Range of Coverage Based on Requirement Values MM - Inventory Controlling
RMMR1MRS Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) with Logistics Invoice Verification MM - Invoice Verification
RMCE0130 Standard Analysis of Info Structure S013 : New Selection MM - Purchasing Information System

Authorization Objects for SAP Table MDSM

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
CRM_CATT Authorization for CRM eCATT Based Unit Testing
CMS_CAG Authorization object for CAG
J_1ITDS Authorization object for TDS transaction J1IN
J_1IRG23D Authorisation object for Depo Transactions
ECM_REQ Change Management: Change Request
ECM_ORD Change Management: Change Order
ECM_VAL Change Management: Validity
J_1IEWT_HC health check for Migration to EWT