SODOCCHGI1 is a standard Communication Services: Mail Structure in SAP 30A application. On this page, you can view the Table Structure, Columns(Fields), links to SAP Documentation, Wiki & Help Pages, Q&A, similar/related TCodes, Tables, FMs, ABAP Reports, and Authorization Objects for SODOCCHGI1. You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

SODOCCHGI1 — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Data Element Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 .INCLUDE 0
    3 OBJ_DESCR Short description of contents SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 50
    4 OBJ_LANGU Language in Which Document Is Created SO_OBJ_LA LANG 1 *
    5 OBJ_SORT Sort field SO_OBJ_SRT CHAR 10
    6 OBJ_EXPDAT Expiration date of object SO_OBJ_EDT DATS 8
    7 SENSITIVTY Object: Sensitivity (private SO_OBJ_SNS CHAR 1
    8 OBJ_PRIO Document priority SO_OBJ_PRI CHAR 1
    9 NO_CHANGE No Change SO_OBJ_CP CHAR 1
    10 PRIORITY Priority of the key figure for SO_REC_PRI CHAR 1
    11 EXPIRY_DAT SAPoffice: Expiration Date for this Folder Entry SO_EXP_DAT DATS 8
    12 .INCLUDE 0
    13 PROC_TYPE Updated information in related user data field SO_VM_TYP CHAR 1 *
    14 PROC_NAME Name of Processing Block SO_TEXT030 CHAR 30
    15 PROC_SYST System in which the document is processed SO_PROC_SY CHAR 10
    16 PROC_CLINT Client in which document is processed SO_PROC_CL CLNT 3 *
    17 SKIP_SCREN Execute: Process First Screen in Background SO_SKIPS CHAR 1
    18 TO_DO_OUT ToDo: To Be Completed Outside SAPoffice SO_ACOUT CHAR 1
    19 FREE_DEL Object Can Be Deleted by All Users with an Application SO_DEL_ALL CHAR 1
    20 DOC_SIZE Doc size SO_DOC_SIZ CHAR 12