VBPA is a standard Basic Functions Transparent Table in SAP SD application, which stores Sales Document: Partner data. Below you can view the Table Structure, columns(fields), SAP Wiki pages, discussion threads, related TCodes, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for VBPA. You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

VBPA — Meta Data

Description: Sales Document: Partner
Main Category: SD
Sub Category: Basic Functions
Table type: Transparent Table (TRANSP)

VBPA — Table Structure, Fields(Columns) and Definitions

    Position Column Name Description Primary Key Data Type Length Check Table
    1 MANDT Client X CLNT 3 T000
    2 VBELN Sales Document X CHAR 10
    3 POSNR Item X NUMC 6
    4 PARVW Partner function X CHAR 2 TPAR
    5 KUNNR Customer CHAR 10 KNA1
    6 LIFNR Vendor CHAR 10 LFA1
    7 PERNR Personnel No. NUMC 8
    8 PARNR Number of contact person NUMC 10
    9 ADRNR Address CHAR 10
    10 ABLAD Unloading Point CHAR 25
    11 LAND1 Country CHAR 3 T005
    12 ADRDA Address indicator CHAR 1
    13 XCPDK Indicator: Is the account a one-time account? CHAR 1
    14 HITYP Customer hierarchy type CHAR 1 THIT
    15 PRFRE Relevant for price determination ID CHAR 1
    16 BOKRE ID: Customer is to receive rebates CHAR 1
    17 HISTUNR Level number within hierarchy NUMC 2
    18 KNREF Customer description of partner (plant CHAR 30
    19 LZONE Transportation zone to or from which the goods are delivered CHAR 10
    20 HZUOR Assignment to Hierarchy NUMC 2
    21 STCEG VAT registration number CHAR 20
    22 PARVW_FF Indicator 'further partners in this function' (VBPA2) CHAR 1
    23 ADRNP Person number CHAR 10 ADRP
    24 KALE Maintain appointments in calendar CHAR 1
    25 _DATAAGING Data Filter Value for Data Aging DATS 8
    26 .INCLUDE 0
    27 DUMMY_SDDOCPARTNER_INCL_EEW_PS Dummy function in length 1 CHAR 1
    28 .INCLU--AP 0
    29 OIPBL Updated information in related user data field CHAR 10 OIFSPBL

SAP Help, Wiki Resources, and Forum Discussions on VBPA

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Related Tables

TABLE Description Functional Area
VBAK Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales
VBRK Billing Document: Header Data SD - Billing
VBRP Billing Document: Item Data SD - Billing
LIKP SD Document: Delivery Header Data Logistics Execution - Shipping
VBFA Sales Document Flow SD - Basic Functions
LIPS SD document: Delivery: Item data Logistics Execution - Shipping
VBKD Sales Document: Business Data SD - Sales

Transaction Codes for SAP Table VBPA

TCODE Description Functional Area
VBKD Bonus Buy: Condition Types SD - Free Goods
SPRO Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
VA01 Create Sales Order SD - Sales
VA02 Change Sales Order SD - Sales
SE11 ABAP Dictionary Maintenance Basis - Dictionary Maintenance
SLIS FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.System FI - Information System
SE16 Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
SE38 ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor

FMs for SAP Table VBPA

FM Description Functional Area
REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY Output of a simple list (single-line) Basis - SAP List Viewer
REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE List body comment block output BC - SAP List Viewer
REUSE_ALV_EVENTS_GET Returns table of possible events for a list type BC - SAP List Viewer
REUSE_ALV_VARIANT_F4 Display variant selection dialog box BC - SAP List Viewer
REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE Create field catalog from dictionary structure or internal table BC - SAP List Viewer
REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY Output a simple list (single line or several lines) BC - SAP List Viewer
F4_FILENAME F4 for filename / Filemanager support to locate file in a directory PM - Plant Maintenance
READ_TEXT SAPscript: Read text BC - SAPscript

ABAP Reports for SAP Table VBPA

ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
SAPMV45A Sales Order Processing SD - Sales
MV45AFZB User Exits SD - Material Maintenance
RVADTABL INCLUDE for General Table Descriptions for Print Programs SD - Output Determination
RVADOR01 Print Program for Sales Documents SD - Basic Functions
RSAP0001 Program for object type SAP0001 : BapiService Basis - BW Service API
SAPLV05I Updating Sales and Distribution Indices
RSCONN01 SAPconnect: Start Send Process Basis - Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony
RVADOPFO INCLUDE for OPEN_FORM for SD Print Programs SD - Word Processing

BW Datasources for SAP Table VBPA

BW DATASOURCE Description Functional Area
2LIS_11_VAITM Sales Document Item Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_11_VAHDR Sales Document Header Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_13_VDITM Billing Document Item Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_13_VDKON Billing Document Condition SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_11_VASCL Sales Document Schedule Line SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_12_VCITM Delivery Item Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_03_BF Goods Movements From Inventory Management MM - Materials Management
2LIS_11_VAKON Sales Document Condition SD - Sales and Distribution

Authorization Objects for SAP Table VBPA

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
P_PERNR HR: Master Data - Personnel Number Check
V_VBAK_VKO Sales Document: Authorization for Sales Areas
S_TCODE Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
M_MATE_WRK Material Master: Plants
S_CARRID Authorization Object for Airlines
I_FCODE WCM: Function Codes (e.g. Operational Cycle)
E_GRID Authorization Object for Grid