The complete list of SAP Tables in Enterprise Performance Management -> Business Planning and Consolidation -> NetWeaver Version -> Server Manager module. The most commonly used Tables are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the Tables specific to that module.

EPM-BPC-NW-SRV General Tables

There are 8 Tables in Server Manager module.

Rank Table Description Table Type
1 UJF_DOC BPC File Service Document Master Table Transparent Table
2 UJF_DOCTREE BPC File Service Document Tree Table Transparent Table
3 UJF_DOC_CLUSTER BPC File Service Document Cluster Table Transparent Table
4 UJF_APPSERV_DIR BPC File Service Application Server Directories Table Transparent Table
5 UJF_DOCMAP BPC File Service Document Directory Path Mapping Table Transparent Table
6 UJF_DOC_ACCESS BPC: File Service Security Check Table, on Sub Modulw Leve Transparent Table
7 UJF_S_RECLINE BPC: Record LIne Structure
8 UJF_DOC_LOCK BPC File Lock for file Transparent Table
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