The complete list of SAP Tables in Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Packing module. The most commonly used Tables are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the Tables specific to that module.

LE-SHP-PA General Tables

There are 9 Tables in Packing module.

Rank Table Description Table Type
1 VERKO Handling-Unit Confirmation: Header Data Structure
2 VBPLA Totals Seg. - Pack. Data Packing List/Freight List/Shipment Structure
3 VERPO Handling Unit Confirmation: Content Data Structure
4 VBPLP Communication Structure for Handling-Unit Content Data Structure
5 VBPLS Summary Data Packing Structure
6 V51V4 Packing Overview: Items and Handling Units Structure
7 PACKLABA Package Label (Material Tag) Structure
8 V51KO Shipping Unit Processing: Header Data Structure
9 V51V2 Packed Items / Handling Units Structure
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