The complete list of SAP Tables in Supplier Relationship Management module. The most commonly used Tables are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the Tables specific to that module.

Top 100 SAP Tables in SRM - Supplier Relationship Management

Rank Table Description Functional Area Table Type
1. BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB Document number table Transparent Table
2. BBP_PDBEI Backend Specific Item Data Transparent Table
3. BBP_PDIGP Business transaction item-Purchasing information Transparent Table
4. VENMAP Mapping Table Partner GUID - R/3 Number Transparent Table
5. PIDS Parameter ID and value list for a specific user Structure
6. BBP_PDHGP Business Transaction Purchasing Information Transparent Table
7. BBP_LOCMAP Mapping Table Business Partner --> System --> Location Transparent Table
8. BBP_BACKEND_DEST Definition of Backend Systems in B2B Transparent Table
9. BBP_PDS_PARTNER Business Partner Structure
10. BBP_PDS_SC_ITEM_D Interface Item Data Shopping Cart GetDetail-Fall Structure
11. INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF Customer Enhancements for Item Structure
12. BBP_FUNCTION_MAP Function Map for BAPI Dispatcher Transparent Table
13. BBP_PDS_ACC Account Assignment Structure
14. BBP_MARKETP_INFO Information for Automatic Download from Marketplace Transparent Table
15. BBP_PDS_PDLIST Interface GetList Procurement Document Structure
16. INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC Customer Enhancements for Shopping Cart Item Structure
17. BBP_PDACC Account Assignment Transparent Table
18. BBP_PDISC Item Extension for Customer Fields Transparent Table
19. BBP_ATTR_VALUE_T Texts for Attribute Values Transparent Table
20. SELECT_DATE Select Options for Date Structure
21. BBPM_BUT_FRG0061 Business Partner: Purchasing Data Transparent Table
22. BBP_GUID_TAB Table of GUIDs Structure
23. BBP_PDATT Document Attachment Transparent Table
24. V_CURRENCY Generated Table for View V_CURRENCY General View Structure
25. SELECT_VENDOR Select Options Name Vendor / Business Partner Structure
26. BBP_PDS_SC_HEADER_D Interface Header Data Shopping Cart GetDetail Case Structure
27. BBP_PDS_MESSAGES Error Message for Procurement Document Methods Structure
28. BBP_PDS_PO_ITEM_D Item Data Purchase Order GetDetail-Case Interface Structure
29. BBP_STD_ACCD Local Account Assignment Data - Value Description Transparent Table
30. INCL_EEW_PD_HEADER_CSF Cust. Enhancement in Header Structure
31. BBPCONT SDOK: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) Transparent Table
32. VENDNO Obsolete from 2.0C on. Use VENMAP Instead SRM - Enterprise/Business Partner Management Transparent Table
33. BBP_PDORG Purchasing Organizational Unit Transparent Table
34. BBPD_COMP_FIELDS Comparison Relevant Fields per Comparison Method Transparent Table
35. BBP_PDBEH Backend Specific Header Data Transparent Table
36. BBPV_PDMSG Generated Table for View BBPV_PDMSG General View Structure
37. BBP_PDPSET Further Procurement Information Transparent Table
38. BBP_PAYTERM Terms of Payment, Backend-Dependent Transparent Table
39. BBP_PDS_ORG Organizational Data Structure
40. BBPS_SC_REFDATA Reference Documents for the Shopping Cart Structure
41. BBP_PDS_LONGTEXT Long Texts for Procurement Document Structure
42. BBP_PDS_SC_ITEMLIST Item List in the Sourcing Cockpit Structure
43. BBP_DET_ACCOUNT Determination G/L Account by Product Categories Transparent Table
44. BBP_PAYTERM_TEXT Texts for Terms of Payment, Backend-Dependent Transparent Table
45. BBP_PDS_ITEM Item Data Procurement Document Interface Structure
46. BBP_PDHSC Header Extension for Customer Fields Transparent Table
47. REQHEAD Administrative Header Data: Requirement Coverage Request Transparent Table
48. CONDITION_TABLE Condition Table Transparent Table
49. BBP_PDVIEW_BUP Generated Table for View BBP_PDVIEW_BUP General View Structure
50. BBP_WFL_APPROVAL_TABLE_BADI Structure for Approval Table Structure
51. BBP_CUST Configuration of Values for EBP Transparent Table
52. INCL_EEW_PD_ACC_CSF Acct Assignmt Cust. Enhancements in Doc. Structure
53. BBP_PDVIEW_LIST Generierte Tabelle zu einem View General View Structure
54. BBP_PDS_PO_HEADER_D Header Data Purchase Order GetDetail-Case Interface Structure
55. INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_PO Customer Enhancements for PO Item Structure
56. HRP5503 DB Table for Info Record 5503 Transparent Table
57. REQLINE Administrative Line Data: Requirement Coverage Request Transparent Table
58. BBPV_COMP_FIELDS Generated Table for View BBPV_COMP_FIELDS General View Structure
59. BBP_PDS_HEADER Header Data Procurement Document Interface Structure
60. INCL_EEW_PD_HEADER_CSF_SC Customer Enhancements on Shopping Cart Header Structure
61. BBP_CONTROL EBP Control Table for Alert Monitor Transparent Table
62. BBP_WFL_APPROVAL_TABLE Structure for Approval Table Structure
63. BBP_PDS_ATT_T_IC Attachment Structure
64. BBP_WFLOCK Lock Table Stores Entry Until Workflow Start Transparent Table
65. BBPC_MARKETSET Status of Selection in a MarketSet System Transparent Table
66. BBP_SMESSAGES_BADI Error Messages from BADIs Structure
67. BBP_DYNAT_VALUES Value Area for Dynamic Attributes Transparent Table
68. BBP_EXTPO_GL Global Control for Extended Classic Scenario Transparent Table
69. BBPC_TEXT_EXT Table for replicating text customizing settings from ERP Transparent Table
70. BBP_PDS_SC_ITEM_ICU Item Data Shopping Cart Create/Check/Change Case Interface Structure
71. BBPV_F4PR_GEN Generierte Tabelle zu einem View General View Structure
72. BBP_SUS_BPCMPMAP Mapping Table for Business Partner (Buyer; Goods Recipient) Transparent Table
73. BBP_ATTRIBUTES User Specific Parameters (Values) Structure
74. BBP_TAX Tax Codes for Enterprise Buyer Transparent Table
75. HRP5500 Database Table for Infotype 5500 Transparent Table
76. BBP_TEXT_GLOBAL Names of Text Fields in Screens Structure
77. BBPV_BUPA_VENMAP Generierte Tabelle zu einem View General View Structure
78. BBP_PDS_ILREL Item-/Limit Link, Header Link Procurement Document Structure
79. BBP_C_ACC_F Customizing Table Technical Fields to Acct Assignment Cat. Transparent Table
80. BBPBAPICONDIT BAPI Structure of KONP with English Field Names Structure
81. BBPT_WFL_LIA_DEF Sched. Criteria for Approval Objects in Shopping Cart Transparent Table
82. BBP_PDS_TRANSFER_ITEM Transfer of Item Structures (Bid or Shopping Cart) Structure
83. BBPC_SUS_ACTION Actions on SUS UI Transparent Table
84. BBP_PDS_CND Master Conditions for Purchasing Contracts Structure
85. HRV5500A Generated Table for View HRV5500A General View Structure
86. BBPS_OM_PGR_LIGHT Purchasing Groups (with Structure Info) Structure
87. HRT5500 Table Section Infotype 5500 Transparent Table
88. BBP_ATTR_XPRA400 Conversion EBP 4.0: Backup Copy Converted Attributes Transparent Table
89. BBPC_PDMSG BBP: Customizeable Messages Transparent Table
90. REQREF Object References: Requirement Coverage Request Transparent Table
91. HRT5502 Table Section Info Category 5502 Transparent Table
92. BBP_WS_OCI_ITEM_S Interface Structure for OCI in SRM Structure
93. BBP_DET_LOGSYS Determination of Target System by Product Categories Transparent Table
94. BBP_PDDYN Dynamic attributes Transparent Table
95. BBP_PDS_STATUS Status Structure
96. BBP_PDTAX Tax Transparent Table
97. SMOBBPMARA Basic Data BBP Material Transparent Table
98. BBP_PDVIEW_IAP Generierte Tabelle zu einem View General View Structure
99. INCL_EEW_PD_HEADER_CSF_PO Customer Enhancement on PO Header Structure
100. BBPD_PO_METAOUT Output-Relevant Fields of PO Transparent Table