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# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 CAUFVD Dialog Structure for Order Headers and Items PP - Production Orders Structure
2 CAUFVDB Document table structure of the order header PP - Production Orders Structure
3 CAUFVD_P Header structure for use in print programs PP - Production Orders Structure
4 CAUFVDN Temporary/new order numbers + accompanying notif. numbers PM - Maintenance Orders Structure
5 CAUFVD_UPD Field string caufvd (for editing BAPIs) PS - Interface to External Project Software Structure
6 CAUFVDGET caufvd structure with update indicator PP - Production Orders Structure
7 CAUFVDP Order numbers temp./new, WBS element PS - Network and Activity Structure
8 CAUFVDQ Order header structure PP - Production Orders Structure
9 CAUFVD_MOR Dialog structure for superior order header and item PM - Maintenance Notifications Structure
10 CAUFVD_NP Progress and Milestone:Netwotk Header PS - Structures Structure
11 CAUFVD_UPDATE Field string caufvd (for editing BAPIs) PS - Operative Structures Structure
12 CAUFVD_MATNR18 Dialog Structure for Order Headers and Items with MATNR18 PP - Production Orders Structure
13 AUFK Order master data CO - Overhead Cost Orders Transparent Table
14 AFKO Order header data PP orders PP - Production Orders Transparent Table
15 CAUFV Generierte Tabelle zu einem View PP - Production Orders General View Structure
16 CAUV_CLEAR caufvd fields, that are initialised for order with ref. PP - Production Orders Structure
17 IWOS_CAUFVD Structure: caufvd PM - Maintenance Orders Structure
18 IWOS_HEADER_EXT Order Header Fields That Are Not Included in caufvd PM - Maintenance Orders Structure
19 MNT_S_CAUFV Order Header (Subset of caufvdB) SCM - Maintenance Order Structure
20 PIC_CAUFVD PIC : Append for caufvd for MPN Fields IS - Supersession Chains Append Structure
21 PRJ_S_CAUFV Order Header (Subset of caufvdB) SCM - Project Order Structure
22 SCY_AFKO Subset structure of caufvd PP - Capacity Leveling Structure
23 OILCAUFVD IS-Oil: Append-Struktur f_r caufvd
24 OILCAUFVDB IS-Oil: Append-Struktur f_r caufvdB
25 CRHD Work Center Header PP - Work Center Transparent Table
26 JEST Individual Object Status Cross Application - General status management Transparent Table
27 VIQMEL Generierte Tabelle zu einem View PM - Maintenance Notifications General View Structure
28 HIKO Order master data history PM - Maintenance History Transparent Table
29 T399A Control: Automatic Order Creation Customer Service - Service Processing Transparent Table
30 MARA General Material Data Logistics - Material Master Transparent Table
31 M_CRAMN Generierte Tabelle zu einem View PP - Work Center General View Structure
32 AFPO Order item PP - Production Orders Transparent Table
33 AFIH Maintenance order header PM - Maintenance Orders Transparent Table
34 RESBD Reservation/Dependent requirements PP - Production Orders Structure
35 CDPOS Change document items BC - Change Documents Transparent Table
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