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# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 COMAP Online BDC output mapping from message table to container Customer Service - Customer Interaction Center Transparent Table
2 HRECM00SALSTRUCOMPARETEXT comare Salary Structure with market data PA - Job Pricing Structure
3 IDWTCOMPCD_ADD Additional comapny code specifc fields for WT Reporting FI - Withholding Tax Reporting Structure
4 IST_ADD_COMA_DATAX IS-T: Addit. Data for the Contract Manager coma (Check List) IS - Industry Solution - Telecommunications Structure
5 JVA_EP_JVCC JVA comany code data for E&P CA - Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting Structure
7 UAB_S_COCOMAP2 Mapping Structure for TCOcomaP2 in Configuration FIN - Business Analytics Structure
8 CRMS_IC_AIC_CCODE_INDEX Table row mapped to selected comapany Code CRM - Linked Object for Service Request Management Structure
9 CDC_S_COMPARISON_INSTANCE_H Header data for comaprison instance
10 /SAPSRM/S_CLL_SUS_COMP_TELE CLL Structure for SUS comapny -Telephone Data SRM - User Interface/Templates Structure
11 /SAPSRM/BID_CMP_SUMM_DATA_S Structure for Bid comaprison data summary SRM - Bid Invitation Structure
12 CNVCMIS_A_1_GCDVAL Generic comarision Dispaly Structure CA - Landscape Transformation Structure
13 PPC_COMAT_STR PPC_comaT_STR IS - Production Backflush Structure
14 V_T7JPBP_BPCOMA Generated Table for View V_T7JPBP_BPcoma PY - Japan General View Structure
15 MPES_RTGV_COMP_RES_COMMON comaprison results for RTGV OA BUYOFF PP - Shop Floor Routing Structure
16 MPES_RTGV_OA_BUYOFF_COMP_RES comaprison results for RTGV OA BUYOFF PP - Shop Floor Routing Structure
17 COMPARE_RESULTS comaprison Results(Obsolete -Donot Use-To be Deleted) PP - Shop Floor Execution Structure
18 MPES_CA_COMP_RESULTS comaprison Results PP - Shop Floor Execution Structure
19 PIQ_NL_DUO_COMP_INFILE comapre Incoming File IS - Netherlands Structure
20 MPES_RTGV_COMP_RESULTS comaprison results PP - Shop Floor Routing Structure
21 MPES_RTGV_OA_ATH_COMP_RES comaprison results for RTGV OA Action Handlers PP - Shop Floor Routing Structure
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