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# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 DSVASREPODOCS dsvas: Documents for report generation
2 DSVASCHECKGRPA dsvas: Permitted attributes of a check group
3 DSVASSESSBUGFIX dsvas: Authorizing users to fix bugs
4 DSVASTEXTCLUSTER dsvas: Text data
5 DSVASTABLEVALUE dsvas: Default values for check tables
6 DSVASCHECKGRP dsvas: Check group
7 DSVASTEXTDEF dsvas: Texts (definition)
8 DSVASABAPSOURCET dsvas: Description of generated ABAP programs
9 DSVASTREEOBJT dsvas: Description of check-tree objects
10 DSVASTEXTCLUSTO dsvas: Text data (archive)
11 DSVASCHECKOBJT dsvas: Short texts for check objects
12 DSVASVALUEST dsvas: Texts on check values (parameters)
13 DSVASCHECKGRPAT dsvas: Description of permitted attributes
14 DSVASTEXTDEFO dsvas: Texts (archive for definitions)
15 DSVASTABLECOLTIT dsvas: Check-table column title
16 DSVASTABLESELCTT dsvas: Description for selection filters in tables
17 DSVASINFOLINKT dsvas: Description of info-object reference
18 DSVASTABLET dsvas: Check-table description
19 DSVASCHECKT dsvas: Descriptions of checks
20 DSVASCHECKGRPESD dsvas: Rating strategy (text for rating definitions)
21 DSVASCHECK dsvas: Checks
22 DSVASSESSPACK dsvas: Session packages
23 DSVASREPDEFT dsvas: Report definition (short description)
24 DSVASSELECTT dsvas: Description of selection filters
25 DSVASSESSPACKT dsvas: Session package description
26 DSVASTRSYS dsvas: Transport: Systems (obsolete table)
27 DSVASHTMLMIME dsvas: MIME objects for HTML elements Service - Service Session Workbench Transparent Table
28 DSVASTEXTUSERS dsvas: Maintaining users for editing and translation
29 DSVASFLAVORS dsvas: Flavors for tree-strucure elements
30 DSVASTABLECOLTYP dsvas: Check-table column type
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