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# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 DTSCHEMA Downtime Schema PP - Production Planning for Process Industries Transparent Table
2 DTSHTEXT Downtime Schema Text PP - Production Planning for Process Industries Structure
3 A928 Sales org./Currency/Dest. Ctry SD - Conditions
4 CDATA Change Data Logistics - Vendor Master Transparent Table
5 RPCDTSD0 HR-DSV: Structure for data medium exchange RPCdtsD0 PY - Germany Structure
6 SMDTSCOMPTP dts: Supported Component Types Service - Solution Directory Transparent Table
7 P0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) PA - Personnel Administration Structure
8 INPUT_TAB ME - Synchronization Example (Storage of Input Data) Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents Transparent Table
9 PTXT1 Text variables for applicant data standard texts PA - Recruitment Structure
10 NPUT IS: SAP R/3 Add-On Release Information Basis - Upgrade - General Transparent Table
11 P0006 HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) PA - Personnel Administration Structure
12 ANLA Asset Master Record Segment FI - Basic Functions Transparent Table
13 ALDTSMAP Sdts: Cache Table for CCMS Downtime Mapping Basis - Monitoring Transparent Table
14 ALMT_NAMES_AND_TIDS AL Sdts: MTE Full Names and TIDs for Central MTE Analysis
15 ALDTSCACHE Sdts: Current/Next Downtimes for CCMS Systems/Instances Basis - Monitoring Transparent Table
16 SDTSCONN dts: Connectivity for Distributing Downtime Information Service - Solution Directory Transparent Table
17 PAOCFEC_MAP_MOD Mapping for defaulted ListIDs of Gdts CA - Cross-Application Components Transparent Table
18 APPEND_CUSTOM_T437S_TTZ Append-Structure for Indicator for BOM Expl. Using dts-Logic PP - Repetitive Manufacturing Append Structure
19 APPEND_RM61B_TTZ Append-Structure for Indicator for BOM Expl. Using dts-Logic PP - Repetitive Manufacturing Append Structure
20 BAPITSWTSLOC01 TSW Transportsystem range for LocIdts IS - Trader's and Scheduler's Workbench Structure
21 BSFND_L_IDTQRYMSG_S IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsQryMsg_s CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
22 BSFND_L_IDTQRY_IDTADDRSELBYELS IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsQry_sIdtAddrSelByElmnts CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
23 BSFND_L_IDTQRY_SELBYFAMNAME IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsQry_sSelByNameSelByFamName CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
24 BSFND_L_IDTQRY_SELBYGVNNAME IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsQry_sSelByNameSelByGvnName CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
25 BSFND_L_IDTQRY_SELBYUSRACCTID IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsQry_sSelByUsrAcctID CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
26 BSFND_L_IDTRSPMSG_S IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsRspMsg_s CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
27 BSFND_L_IDTRSP_IDT IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsRsp_sIdt CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
28 BSFND_L_IDTRSP_USRACC IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsRsp_sIdtUsrAcct CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
29 BSFND_L_IDTRSP_USRACCADDR IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsRsp_sIdtUsrAcctAddr CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
30 BSFND_L_IDTRSP_USRACCADDRPHADR IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsRsp_sIdtUsrAcctAddrPhysAddr CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
31 BSFND_L_IDTRSP_USRACCADDRPHCOM IdtsUITEAddrByElmntsRsp_sIdtUsrAcctAddrPhysComm CA - Enterprise SOA Structure
32 FDTS_BRMS_VALUE_HELP Fdts: Value help structure C - BRFplus - ABAP-Based Business Rules Structure
33 FDTS_WD_OM_COPY_RENAME_MODEL Fdts WD: Renaming of Objects (Copy) C - BRFplus - ABAP-Based Business Rules Structure
34 MDG_BS_CODE_LIST_CNTXT_COUNTRY Context Structure for country-dependent Gdts CA - Applications Structure
35 MDG_BS_CODE_LIST_CNTXT_ISTYPE Context Structure for Gdts dependent on IndustrySystem CA - Applications Structure
38 PHIN_S_GDT Handover/Takeover Data Exchange Structure with Gdts PM - Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects Structure
39 RECAC_BDTSCREEN BDT View for All Title Elements (TIVCABdtsCR) RE - Flexible Real Estate Management Structure
40 RECAC_BDTSCREEN_X BDT View for All Title Elements and Addit. Fields (TIVCABdts RE - Flexible Real Estate Management Structure
41 ITCSY Text symbol: Name and value BC - SAPscript Structure
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