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# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 ROOSOURCE Table Header for SAP BW OLTP Sources (Relevant From 2.0) Basis - BW Service API Transparent Table
2 VBAK Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales Transparent Table
3 EKPO Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing Transparent Table
4 ROOSFIELD DataSource Fields Basis - BW Service API Transparent Table
5 VBAP Sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales Transparent Table
6 EKKO Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing Transparent Table
7 MARA General Material Data Logistics - Material Master Transparent Table
8 BSEG Accounting Document Segment FI - Financial Accounting Cluster Table
9 ADURI URI Address Transfer Structure (Business Address Services) BC - Address Management/Business Address Structure
10 BKPF Accounting Document Header FI - Financial Accounting Transparent Table
11 EKBE History per Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing Transparent Table
12 COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period) CO - Overhead Cost Controlling Transparent Table
13 CDPOS Change document items BC - Change Documents Transparent Table
14 EBAN Purchase Requisition MM - Purchasing Transparent Table
15 BWOM_SETTINGS BW CO-OM: Control Data CO - Information System, iViews Transparent Table
16 VALUE_TEXT extractor structure for CTBW_GET_VALUES_TEXT CA - Environment Structure
17 FAGLPOSBW Fields for LI extractor: New General Ledger Accounting FI - General Ledger Accounting Structure
18 TABNAMES Table Name for Transfer to SFA extractors LO - Bills of Material Structure
19 MCBIWSTOCK extractor Structure for BW Stock Initialization LO - Data Collection Structure
20 BIW_DFKKTHI BI extractor of Transfer Records for Third Party IS - Intercompany Data Exchange Structure
21 HRMS_BIW_PPDELTA BW: Delta management for posting-data extractors Personnel Mgmt - HR Information Systems Transparent Table
22 RSMONEXT Service Table for extractor for Selection Cube (for Delta) BW - Data Staging Transparent Table
23 TE778 Reduce Data Quantity in Sales Statistics extractor IS - Statistics Transparent Table
24 MDMGXC1 MDM Check Table extractor: Ports and Extraction Information Master Data Mgmt - Client-System Adapter Transparent Table
25 RSDDSTATEXTRACT extractor BW statistics: Time of last delta load BW - OLAP Technology Transparent Table
26 RSIODYNP4 Screen Fields extractor Check 2.0 BC - BW Service API Structure
27 E2E_EFWK_STATUS extractor Framework Status Table for Worklist Items
28 BPMWITSTP BPM extractors: Workitem Last Changed Timestamp Cross Application - Cross-Application Components Transparent Table
29 E2E_ACTIVEEXTR Active extractors
30 MDMGXC0 MDM Generic Check Table extractor: Repositories Master Data Mgmt - Client-System Adapter Transparent Table
31 FMCA_FPF_FORM_DATA_SVA1_BI FPF: extractor for DataSource SVA1 00000 IS - Public Sector Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Structure
32 TRD_EXTRACTOR XI: extractors Basis - Integration Builder - Configuration Transparent Table
33 MDMGXC2 MDM Generic Check Table extractor: Function Parameters Master Data Mgmt - Client-System Adapter Transparent Table
34 RPM_TS_FI_DATA_BW RPM structure : FI data for BW extractor PPM - Portfolio Management Structure
35 CMM_MTM MtM extractor Structure LO - Basic Functions Structure
36 RCF_S_BW_0ERC_ACT_ATTR extractor Structure for Activity Attributes Structure
37 HTDRM_BW_TMSTMP DRM Timestamp for BW extractor Transparent Table
38 TRD_RULE XI: Rcvr Det. Rule (Receiver extractors & Condition) Basis - Routing Transparent Table
39 KKBW_PCP1 PCP extractor Structure 1: Any Calculations CO - Product Cost Planning Structure
40 FDM_BW_INV_DELTA Delta Queue for BI Invoice extractor Financials - Accounts Receivable Accounting Process Integration Transparent Table
41 RCF_S_BW_0CDCY_2_ATTR extractor Structure for Candidacy Attributes Structure
42 HRMS_BW_TXT_T500P_L extractor structure for location text PA - HR Information Systems Structure
43 ICORDCSTC1 extractor Structure for Commitment-LI extractor on Requests CO - Information System, iViews Structure
44 VDBIW_DATA extractor Flow Data - Data of Last Extraction Fi Services - Financial Services Transparent Table
45 HRPAD_S_BI_EMCONT_TEXT extractor structure for emergency contact name PA - HR Information Systems Structure
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