SAP Tables for Sampling Procedure — the most relevant and popular Tables are listed at the top. You can click on a Table to view more information like table structure, field names, SAP Help/reference links etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the Tables for that module/sub-module.

# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 QDSV sampling procedure QM - Samples and SPC Transparent Table
2 QDSVT sampling procedure: Texts QM - Samples and SPC Transparent Table
3 QDEB Allwd. Relationships: sampling procedures/Dynamic Mod. Rules QM - Active Quality Control Transparent Table
4 MARC Plant Data for Material Logistics - Material Master Transparent Table
5 CDHDR Change document header Basis - Change Documents Transparent Table
6 KONV Conditions (Transaction Data) SD - Conditions Cluster Table
7 BSIS Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts FI - Financial Accounting Transparent Table
8 QMEL Quality Notification PM - Maintenance Notifications Transparent Table
9 T030 Standard Accounts Table FI - Financial Accounting Pooled Table
10 EXTENTION ISSR: Additional Feeder System Fields FS - Regulatory reporting for insurance companies Append Structure
11 COMER Process Message Record: Message Characteristics PP - Process Management Transparent Table
12 QAVE Inspection processing: Usage decision QM - Inspection Lot Completion Transparent Table
13 QPR6 Selection Screen Structure for QPR6 (new PSD with reference) QM - Sample Management Structure
14 MARA General Material Data Logistics - Material Master Transparent Table
15 VBAK Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales Transparent Table
16 EKPO Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing Transparent Table
17 VBAP Sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales Transparent Table
18 EKKO Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing Transparent Table
19 VBRK Billing Document: Header Data SD - Billing Transparent Table
20 KONP Conditions (Item) SD - Conditions Transparent Table
21 KOMP Communication Item for Pricing SD - Conditions Structure
22 RESP Project Number for SAP Partner Basis - Transport Organizer Transparent Table
23 ABAP ABAP/4 language-internal type declarations 630 - Workbench Tools: Editors Structure
24 KOMK Communication Header for Pricing SD - Conditions Structure
25 PORG Organizational Priorities MM - Materials Management Transparent Table
26 CEKKO Communication Release Strategy Determination Purch. Document MM - Purchasing Structure
27 VTFA Shipment Document Flow Logistics Execution - Transportation Transparent Table
28 NRIV Number Range Intervals Basis - Number Range Management Transparent Table
29 FUNCT Function Module Short Texts Basis - Function Builder Transparent Table
30 KALSM Structure for F4 help for costing sheet CO - Product Cost Planning Structure
31 CEBAN Communication Release Strategy Determination: Requisition MM - Purchasing Structure
32 PLMK Inspection plan characteristics QM - Inspection Planning Transparent Table
33 QPRS Master record for phys. samples QM - Sample Management Transparent Table
34 TE271 Sample Lot IS - Device Management Transparent Table
35 BIW_ISU_CHANGE_LOT BW Extract Structure for IS-U sampling procedure IS - Statistics Structure
36 ELOTD_B_NL Screen Fields for sampling procedure (B/NL) IS - Device Management Structure
37 ELOT_DEVICES Device Data for sampling procedure (B/NL) IS - Device Management Structure
38 RMSAS_QMSMPL_ATTR RMS: ATL QM sampling procedure Attributes for Gen. Recipes PLM - Recipe Management Structure
39 RQPEA Where-used lists for sampling procedures QM - Inspection Planning Structure
40 /SCWM/S_QI_IRULE_ARGS_SAMPLE Q-Insp. - Insp. Rule - sampling procedure SCM - Monitoring Structure
41 /SCWM/S_QI_IRULE_ARGS_SAMPPROC Q-Insp. - Insp. Rule - sampling procedure - Arguments SCM - Monitoring Structure
42 /SCWM/S_QI_SAMP_PROC Q-Insp. - Insp. Rule - sampling procedure SCM - Monitoring Structure
43 QIE_TS_IRULE_ARGS_SAMP_PROC Attribute Structure - Inspection Rule (sampling procedure) CA - Quality Inspection Engine Structure
44 CDPOS Change document items BC - Change Documents Transparent Table
45 FIST SEARCHTERM entry - interface BC - Implementation Guide Structure
46 SWB_COND Structure for conditions BC - SAP Business Workflow Structure
47 SPAR Interface for function group SP06 BC - Standard Dialogs Structure
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