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# TABLE Description Functional Area Table Type
1 SASACONT1 ASAP: Table for Document Content (Import/Export) Service - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
2 SASAPIG Implementation Assistant - ALV Grid Structure SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
3 SASAPIA Implementation Assistant - ALV Grid Structure SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
4 SASAPIALP User Parameters for ASAP Transactions SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
5 SASAPIAPD Implementation Assistant: Project Duration SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
6 SASAPBCSET BC Sets in Q&Adb SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
7 SASAPCUDID Customer Document IDs SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
8 SASAPCUDOC ASAP Tools: Customer Documents SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
9 SASAPCUURL ASAP Tools: Customer-Specific URLs SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
10 SASAPDOM Dominant/Subordinate Flag for Processes SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
11 SASAPEVALU Q&&Adb Project Scope Evaluation Structure for Alv Grid SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
12 SASAPIAKW IA: Assignment Table: Subject for Roadmap/KW Technical Name SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
13 SASAPIAPP Implementation Assistant: Project Precursors SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Transparent Table
14 SASAPITEM Items for Column Tree SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
15 SASAPNODE Structure for Nodes SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
16 SASAPPROJ Q&&Adb Project Evaluation Structure for Alv Grid SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
17 SASAPURLS ASAP Tools: URLs SV - ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Structure
18 ABAP ABAP/4 language-internal type declarations 630 - Workbench Tools: Editors Structure
19 BSA_SALES_ORDER_CONTRL_ITEM BsasalesOrderControllerItemsElements
20 BSA_SALES_ORDER_CONTRL_ROOT BsasalesOrderControllerRootElements
21 BSA_S_SALES_ORDER_ITEM_EL BsasalesOrderControllerItemsElements
22 BSA_S_SALES_ORDER_ROOT_EL BsasalesOrderControllerRootElements
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