FOB1 is a transaction code in SAP RE application with the description — Lease-Out One-Time Postings. On this page, you will find similar/related TCodes to FOB1, Tables feeding data for this TCode, links to SAP documentation, Wiki and Help pages, discussion threads, and other resources. You will also find related Tables, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for FOB1.

FOB1 — Meta Data

Description: Lease-Out One-Time Postings
Main Category: RE
Sub Category: Real Estate Management

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Related Transaction Codes

TCODE Description Functional Area
FOB0 Number range maintenance:FVVI_SOID RE - Real Estate Management
FOB4 Check Real Estate Acct Determination RE - Real Estate Management
FOAZ Display Active Rent Adj. ALL RE - Real Estate Management
FO8B RealEstate accr./defer.- Reversal RE - Real Estate Management
FO8DB Input Tax Distribution Posting RE - Real Estate Management

Tables for SAP Transaction Code FOB1

TABLE Description Functional Area
E000 Condition Table for Rebate $ SD - Conditions
DELREPS Reports Designated for Deletion Basis - Organizational Management
W000 Condition Table for Rule Determination $ IS - Distributor-Reseller-Management
S210 MAP: OTB Stock Logistics - Merchandise and Assortment Planning
T777S Planning Status Basis - Organizational Management
VTPRG Transport. planng system cumulation proc. for delivery item Logistics Execution - Transportation