In SAP ERP, the TCode KP26 is used to make changes to the activity types used in cost planning related to the Cost Object Controlling (CO-PC). Activity types are used in the determination of periodic costs, like overhead, fixed and variable costs. The purpose of using KP26 to make changes to the activity types is to achieve a better match between the actual costs of production and the costs posted in the cost center. To make changes to the activity types using the KP26 TCode, first perform the following steps: 1. Log into transaction code KP26 to open the change plan data screen. 2. Select the desired plant and cost center. 3. Select the radio button next to the desired activity type. 4. Click on “Change Data” to open the activity type details window. 5. Make the necessary changes to the activity type data like the posting profile, cost elements and indirect activity level. 6.

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