SO10 is a transaction code in SAP Basis application with the description — SAPscript: Standard Texts. On this page, you will find similar/related TCodes to SO10, Tables feeding data for this TCode, links to SAP documentation, Wiki and Help pages, discussion threads, and other resources. You will also find related Tables, FMs, ABAP Reports, BW Datasources, and Authorization Objects for SO10.

SO10 — Meta Data

Description: SAPscript: Standard Texts
Main Category: Basis
Sub Category: SAPscript

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Related Transaction Codes

TCODE Description Functional Area
SE71 SAPscript form Basis - SAPscript
SE38 ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
SPRO Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
SE78 Administration of Form Graphics Basis - SAPscript
SE63 Translation: Initial Screen Basis - Translation Tools

Tables for SAP Transaction Code SO10

TABLE Description Functional Area
STXH STXD SAPscript text file header Basis - SAPscript
VBAK Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales
EKKO Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
STXL STXD SAPscript text file lines Basis - SAPscript
VBAP Sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales
MARA General Material Data Logistics - Material Master

Authorization Objects for SAP Transaction Code SO10

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
S_SCRP_TXT SAPscript: Standard text
S_TCODE Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
V_VBAK_AAT Sales Document: Authorization for Sales Document Types
S_BTCH_ADM Background Processing: Background Administrator
S_PROGRAM ABAP: Program Flow Checks
S_CARRID Authorization Object for Airlines