The Subcomponents of SOST tcode in SAP Basis are: 1. Inbox: This subcomponent allows easy access and overview of all new emails sent by users to SAP Service Marketplace. 2. Outbox: In this section, all emails sent from SAP Service Marketplace can be tracked. 3. Status Tracking: This subcomponent helps to track the status of emails sent and received. It also shows the delivery report and status of current positions. 4. Workload Distribution: This helps to distribute the workload to different SAP experts based on the criteria such as country, department and speciality defined in the rules of the mail server. 5. Mailing Lists: This feature helps maintain private mailing lists with the help of rules created. It also shows the usage statistics of the mailing lists. 6. Configuration: This section helps maintain and modify general server settings, incoming and outgoing emails, and also the delivery options.

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