SAP Transaction Codes for Bom Explosion — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information like related TCodes, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 CS01 Create Material bom Logistics - Bills of Material
2 CS02 Change Material bom Logistics - Bills of Material
3 CS03 Display Material bom Logistics - Bills of Material
4 CS12 Multilevel bom LO - Bills of Material
5 CS11 Display bom Level by Level LO - Bills of Material
6 MDSP Change bom explosion Numbers PP - Master Data
7 OMIW bom explosion PP - Master Data
8 CSP1 Multi-level WBS bom explosion LO - Bills of Material
9 CK62 Find Structure: bom explosion CO - Product Cost Planning
10 PP01 Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided) Basis - Organizational Management
11 CS13 Summarized bom LO - Bills of Material
12 MD04 Display Stock/Requirements Situation PP - Master Data
13 VOV7 Maintain Item Categories SD - Basic Functions
14 MD02 MRP - Single-item, Multi-level - PP - Master Data
15 OPPQ C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP PP - Master Data
16 VA01 Create Sales Order SD - Sales
17 CK11N Create Material Cost Estimate CO - Product Cost Planning
18 MD61 Create Planned Indep. Requirements PP - Demand Management
19 CO01 Create production order PP - Production Orders
20 OPL8 Order type parameters: Overview PP - Order Planning
21 VOV4 Table TVEPZ Assign Sched.Line Cat. SD - Basic Functions
22 CS15 Single-Level Where-Used List LO - Bills of Material
23 MIGO Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
24 MM01 Create Material & Logistics - Material Master
25 MM02 Change Material & Logistics - Material Master
26 CO02 Change Production Order PP - Production Orders
27 CV01N Create Document Cross Application - Document Management System
28 CC01 Create Change Master Cross Application - Engineering Change Management
29 C223 Maintain Production Versions PP - Basic Data
30 CEWB PP: Engineering Workbench PP - Routing
31 CN33 PDM-PS interface PS - Material
32 CS14 bom Comparison LO - Bills of Material
33 OS27 Modification Parameters for boms LO - Bills of Material
34 CS61 Create Order bom LO - Bills of Material
35 OS31 bom Usage Priorities LO - Bills of Material
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