SAP Transaction Codes for Dash — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information like related TCodes, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 RSRT Start of the report monitor BW - OLAP Technology
2 SU01 User Maintenance Basis - User and Authorization Management
3 ENGR Periodic Declarations SD - Basic Functions
4 FWIW Securities information FIN - Transaction Manager
5 SE38 ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
6 S_APL_52000051 Proj. Mgmt: Deletion of Info URL PPM - Project Management
7 ST01 System Trace Basis - Low Level Layer
8 LTR LT Replication Server - dashboard CA - Landscape Transformation
9 RSTC_XCLS Xcelsius dashboard of AdminCockpit
10 VL01N Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref. Logistics Execution - Shipping
11 MCXV QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not. QM - Quality Notifications
12 DPR_EVE_BATCH_DPO Extract Projects PPM - Evaluations
13 MIGO Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
14 MMBE Stock Overview Logistics - Material Master
15 RSRV Analysis and Repair of BW Objects BW - Warehouse Management
16 J1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices FI - Localization
17 MB51 Material Doc. List MM - Inventory Management
18 PDC_BOARD Postdated Checks dashboard FI - Localization Financials
19 SAPY03 Payment Order dashboard FI - Funds Management Saudi Arabia
20 SAEXP Expenditure Order dashboard FI - Funds Management Saudi Arabia
21 /BCV/UDASH Define dashboards CA - Business Context Viewer
22 /SYMSOFT/DASH ControlPanel Management dashboard
23 ESH_DASHBOARD Enterprise Search dashboard
24 /SAPSLL/CP_CUS_DAB Call Op. Cockpit from dashboard SLL - Global Trade Services
25 /IRM/EPKU10 Customer dashboard
26 /IRM/EPKU40 Customer Trade dashboard
27 /IRM/EPKUD10 Customer Domain dashboard
28 /IRM/EPKUIR10 Customer Info Record dashboard
29 /IRM/EPKUTR10 Customer Trade Record dashboard
30 /IRM/EPLI10 Vendor dashboard
31 /IRM/EPLI40 Vendor Trade dashboard
32 /IRM/EPLID10 Vendor Domain dashboard
33 /IRM/EPLIIR10 Vendor Info Record dashboard
34 /IRM/EPLITR10 Vendor Trade Record dashboard
35 /IRM/EPPD10 Material dashboard
36 /IRM/EPPD40 Material Trade Record dashboard
37 /IRM/EPPD41 Customer Info Record dashboard
38 /IRM/EPPD42 Vendor Info Record dashboard
39 /IRM/EPPDD10 Domain dashboard
40 /IRM/EPPDTR10 Material Trade Record dashboard
41 /OPT/VIM_KPI Start KPI Web dashboard
42 /PTGWFI/BIR_DB Transaction to call BIR dashboard
43 /PTGWFI/IEA_DB Unified dashboard
44 /PTGWFI/LIV_DB Transaction to call LIV dashboard MM - Logistics Invoice Verification
45 /PLMPCV/UDASH dashboards definieren PLM - User Interface
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