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# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 F01T Reverse General Contract Accr./Def. RE - Real Estate Management
2 F010 ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Change FI - Financial Accounting
3 F01S Reversal of Periodic Postings RE - Real Estate Management
4 F01N Debit Position LO Single Reversal RE - Real Estate Management
5 F01Q Debit position MC single reversal RE - Real Estate Management
6 F01P Accruals/deferrals single reversal RE - Real Estate Management
7 F01R MC settlement single reversal RE - Real Estate Management
8 F01O Vacancy RU single reversal RE - Real Estate Management
9 ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders MM - Purchasing
10 SO10 SAPscript: Standard Texts Basis - SAPscript
11 ME21N Create Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
12 OLME IMG View: Purchasing MM - Basic Functions
13 F00 SAPoffice: Short Message Basis - Use Subcomponents
14 F15 F15 Interface PSM - Funds Management-Specific Postings
15 ME22N Change Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
16 OBWA C FI Table VBWf01+VBWF02 Maintenance FI - Basic Functions
17 F.01 ABAP Report: Financial Statements FI - Financial Accounting
18 VL01N Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref. Logistics Execution - Shipping
19 S_BCE_68000255 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUSAPCSf01 Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
20 S_ABA_72000062 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01Sf01 Cross Application - Data Transfer
21 S_AHR_61001599 IMG activity: OHAIDTf01 PY - Italy
22 S_AHR_61003081 IMG Activity: SIMGCFMENUOHPOWf01 PA - Organizational Structure
23 S_AHR_61008382 IMG Activity: OHAf0144 PY - France
24 S_AHR_61008394 IMG Activity: OHAf0142 PY - France
25 S_AHR_61008401 IMG Activity: OHAf0162 PY - France
26 S_AHR_61008415 IMG Activity: OHAf0164 PY - France
27 S_AHR_61008429 IMG Activity: OHAf0122 PY - France
28 S_AHR_61008458 IMG Activity: OHAf0186 PY - France
29 S_AHR_61008488 IMG Activity: OHAf0188 PY - France
30 S_AHR_61008491 IMG Activity: OHAf0187 PY - France
31 S_AHR_61008813 IMG Activity: OHTf0122 PT - Personnel Time Management
32 S_AHR_61008896 IMG Activity: OHTf0126 PT - Personnel Time Management
33 S_AHR_61009114 IMG Activity: OHTf0124 PT - Personnel Time Management
34 S_AHR_61009655 IMG Activity: OHTf0112 PT - Personnel Time Management
35 S_AHR_61009662 IMG Activity: OHTf0110 PT - Personnel Time Management
36 S_AHR_61009667 IMG Activity: OHTf0102 PT - Personnel Time Management
37 S_AHR_61009676 IMG Activity: OHTf0106 PT - Personnel Time Management
38 S_AHR_61009682 IMG Activity: OHTf0105 PT - Personnel Time Management
39 S_AHR_61009691 IMG Activity: OHAf0104 PY - France
40 S_AHR_61009694 IMG Activity: OHAf0106 PY - France
41 S_AHR_61009702 IMG Activity: OHAf0108 PY - France
42 S_AHR_61009742 IMG Activity: OHAf0102 PY - France
43 S_AHR_61009934 IMG Activity: OHTf0104 PT - Personnel Time Management
44 S_AHR_61010499 IMG Activity: OHANKf01 PY - The Netherlands
45 S_AHR_61012210 IMG Activity: OHANKf01 PY - The Netherlands
46 S_AHR_61013140 IMG activity: OHAIDTf01 PY - Italy
47 S_AHR_61013780 IMG activity: OHAIDTf01 PY - Italy
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