SAP Transaction Codes for Lms — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information like related TCodes, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 KAUM Display Conversion Milestones CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
2 LSO_PVCT Master Data Catalog PE - Training Management
3 PV00 Book Attendance PE - Training and Event Management
4 PV07 Book List: Attendees PE - Training and Event Management
5 PV08 Book List: Business Events PE - Training and Event Management
6 PV10 Create Business Event with Resources PE - Training and Event Management
7 PV11 Create Business Event w/o Resources PE - Training and Event Management
8 SWFVISU Workflow Visualization Metadata Basis - SAP Business Workflow
9 ELM External List Management BW - Customer Relationship Management
10 PTARQ Test Environment for Leave Request PT - Personnel Time Management
11 SBWP SAP Business Workplace Basis - Use Subcomponents
12 S_BCE_68000183 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSC Basis - Implementation Guide
13 LSO_PSV1 Dynamic Participation Menu PE - Training Management
14 LSO_PSV2 Dynamic Course Menu PE - Training Management
15 OKTA General Cost Object Reports CO - Cost Object Controlling
16 PIQREPLICATE00 Learning Management Integration IS - Administration
17 S_BCE_68000164 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSC Basis - Implementation Guide
18 S_ALR_87002312 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMS2 LO - Material Master
19 S_ALR_87001701 IMG Activity: SIMG_OlmsRVML100 MM - Basic Functions
20 S_ALR_87001703 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSE LO - Material Master
21 S_ALR_87001714 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSG MM - Basic Functions
22 S_ALR_87001715 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSZ LO - Material Master
23 S_ALR_87001720 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMFK MM - Basic Functions
24 S_ALR_87001726 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsSXDA LO - Material Master
25 S_ALR_87001729 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSX MM - Basic Functions
26 S_ALR_87001734 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSM LO - Material Master
27 S_ALR_87001739 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSJ MM - Basic Functions
28 S_ALR_87001747 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMIC LO - Material Master
29 S_ALR_87001758 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsMMDE LO - Material Master
30 S_ALR_87001768 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsMMPI LO - Material Master
31 S_ALR_87001776 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSD LO - Material Master
32 S_ALR_87001794 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMT3 LO - Material Master
33 S_ALR_87001798 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsDT MM - Basic Functions
34 S_ALR_87001805 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSR LO - Material Master
35 S_ALR_87001816 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMS9 LO - Material Master
36 S_ALR_87001827 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMS3 LO - Material Master
37 S_ALR_87001840 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSA LO - Material Master
38 S_ALR_87001852 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSH LO - Material Master
39 S_ALR_87001864 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSS LO - Material Master
40 S_ALR_87002006 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsW4EO LO - Material Master
41 S_ALR_87002012 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMT2 LO - Material Master
42 S_ALR_87002257 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSF LO - Material Master
43 S_ALR_87002264 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMS5 LO - Material Master
44 S_ALR_87002272 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMSP LO - Material Master
45 S_ALR_87002278 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOlmsOMS1 LO - Material Master
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