SAP Transaction Codes for Managing — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information like related TCodes, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 SM35 Batch Input Monitoring Basis - UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
2 SHDB Batch Input Transaction Recorder Basis - UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
3 PFCG Role Maintenance Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
4 SM37 Overview of job selection Basis - Background Processing
5 SWF_WIEVTADM managing Work Item Events
6 RZ11 Profile Parameter Maintenance Basis - Profile Maintenance
7 SM12 Display and Delete Locks Basis - Enqueue
8 SM53 VMC Monitoring and Administration Basis - Virtual Machine Container
9 SU01 User Maintenance Basis - User and Authorization Management
10 PROCESS_ADM_SERVICES Processing of ICF Admin Services
11 RSRD_ADMIN Broadcasting Administration BW - End User Technology
12 SECSTORE Administration of Secure Storage Basis - Security
13 ST11 Display Developer Traces Basis - Low Level Layer
14 RSA1 Modeling - DW Workbench BW - Data Warehousing Workbench
15 STMS Transport Management System Basis - Transport Management System
16 SE38 ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
17 F9T4 managing Payment Order Archives IS - Payment Order
18 FOAR51 managing rental unit archives RE - Real Estate Management
19 FOAR61 managing building archives RE - Real Estate Management
20 FOAR71 managing property archives RE - Real Estate Management
21 FOAR81 managing business entity archives RE - Real Estate Management
22 FOAR91 managing settlement unit archives RE - Real Estate Management
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