SAP Transaction Codes for Mdg — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information for the transaction code like related TCodes, Tables, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 MDGIMG Master Data Governance Customizing CA - Master Data Governance
2 MDG_KM_MAINTAIN Maintain Key Mapping CA - Key Mapping
3 MDG_HDB_GEN_UI HANA View Generator CA - Data Quality
4 MDG_DISPLAY_COLORS Colors used for Highlighting Changes CA - Application Framework
5 MDG_DELETE_MODEL Delete Active Version of a Model CA - Application Framework
6 MDG_ANALYSE_IDM Search Key Mapping CA - Key Mapping
7 MDG_TABLE_ADJUST Change settings of generated tables CA - Application Framework
8 MDG_GEN_HBA_CR_EXT Generate mdg HANA based CR content CA - Analytics and Reporting
9 MDG_DL_OBJ Define Object Types for Data Load CA - Mass Load
10 MDGDT Configuration Workbench CA - Design Time
11 MDG_BS_MAT_GOV_SCOPE Import BC Set with Governance Scope CA - MDG Material
12 MDG_BS_SUPPL_HARM mdgS: CVI Settings CA - MDG Supplier (Central Parts)
13 MDG_TR_DEST Destination for Transport Methods CA - Application Framework
14 MDG_ADJUST_IDM Adjust Key Mapping after Client Copy CA - Key Mapping
15 MDG_DATA_MODEL mdg Data Model: Generated Tables CA - Application Framework
16 MDGS_BRFPLUS_AGENT Assign Processor to Workflow Step No CA - MDG Supplier (Central Parts)
17 MDG_TR_WZ RFC Connection Wizard CA - Application Framework
18 MDG_FIN_S4MIGRATION S4Migration Accounts/Cost Elemements CA - MDG for Financials
19 MDGCPDEL Delete Change Pointer CA - Data Replication Framework
20 MDG_BP_MA Multiple Assignment : Number Ranges LO - Business Partners
21 MDGM_MODEL_DETAILS Data Model Mapping CA - MDG Material
22 MDG_DELETE_CREQUEST Delete Change Requests CA - Application Framework
23 MDGM_TEXT_DELETE Delete mapping data for descriptions CA - MDG Material
24 MDG_BP_DISP_CTP mdg - Display Contact Person (Relat) CA - MDG Business Partner (Central Part)
25 MDG_BP_DISP_CTP_BP mdg - Display Contact Person (Relat) CA - MDG Business Partner (Central Part)
26 MDG_BS_BP_CRMC_BCSET BC-Set with Outbound Customizing CA - MDG Business Partner (Central Part)
27 MDG_BS_BP_FMOD_BCSET BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import. CA - MDG Business Partner (Central Part)
28 MDG_BS_BP_WF_CHECK BC Set with Workflow-Depend. Checks CA - MDG Supplier (Central Parts)
29 MDG_BS_CUS_CR_BCSET Import BC Set with CR types CA - MDG Customer (Central Parts)
30 MDG_BS_MAT_CR_BCSET Import BC Set with CR types CA - MDG Material
31 SE38 ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
32 PFCG Role Maintenance Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
33 SMT Customizing Transformation Workbench Cross Application - Service Mapping Tool
34 SM30 Call View Maintenance Basis - Table Maintenance Tool
35 SLDCHECK Test SLD Connection Basis - System Landscape Directory/Component Repository
36 SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) Basis - RFC
37 SU01 User Maintenance Basis - User and Authorization Management
38 USMD_RULE Validations and Derivations CA - Application Framework
39 USMD_SSW_RULE Process Definition of RBWF CA - Application Framework
40 SWDB Create workflow Basis - SAP Business Workflow
41 SFW5 Switch Framework Customizing Basis - Switch Framework Tools
42 SLG1 Application Log: Display Logs Basis - Basis Application Log
43 MDCIMG mdg, Consolidation and Mass Process. CA - Application Framework
44 MDG_DATA_TRANSFER mdg Data Transfer: Upload / Download CA - Application Framework
45 S_ALR_87000663 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOmdg PP - Master Data
46 S_ALR_87006004 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOPP1Omdg PP - Master Data
47 MDG_BS_CUS_CR_BCSET7 Import CR Types for SAP Fiori mdg9.0 CA - MDG Customer (Central Parts)
48 MDG_GEN_HBA_CR Generate mdg HANA based CR content CA - Analytics and Reporting
49 MDG_BS_CUST_HARM mdgC: CVI Settings CA - MDG Customer (Central Parts)
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