SAP Transaction Codes for Pac — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information for the transaction code like related TCodes, Tables, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 PACS Applicant Evaluation PF PA - Pension fund: General Parts
2 PACE Pension fund : Postings PA - Pension fund: General Parts
3 PACT PC parameter maintenance PA - Pension fund: General Parts
4 PACB PF account maintenance PA - Pension fund: General Parts
5 PAC0 PC Editor: Initial screen PA - Pension fund: General Parts
6 PACA PF Administration PA - Pension fund: General Parts
7 PACO Account/Posting maintenance PF PA - Pension fund: General Parts
8 PACP Pension Fund, Interface PA - Switzerland
9 PACC PF debugger PA - Pension fund: General Parts
10 PACN Number range maint. for accounts PA - Pension fund: General Parts
11 PACG HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation PA - Pension fund: General Parts
12 PACC1 Assign checking rule App. Platform - Payment Cards
13 PAC5 Maintain HR Master Data PA - Pension fund: General Parts
14 PACC2 Maintain Payment Card Type App. Platform - Payment Cards
15 PACC3 Maintain payment card category App. Platform - Payment Cards
16 PAC0010 Matchcodes App. Platform - Payment Cards
17 PAC0007 Events App. Platform - Payment Cards
18 PAC0004 Sections App. Platform - Payment Cards
19 PAC0001 Applications App. Platform - Payment Cards
20 PACC5 Maintain payment card blocks App. Platform - Payment Cards
21 PAC0100 Field Grouping per Activity App. Platform - Payment Cards
22 PAC0016 Tables App. Platform - Payment Cards
23 PAC0012 Field Grouping Criteria App. Platform - Payment Cards
24 PAC0009 GUI additional functions App. Platform - Payment Cards
25 PAC0006 Screen sequences App. Platform - Payment Cards
26 PAC0003 Views App. Platform - Payment Cards
27 PACC4 Assignment BDT Payment Card Cat./Typ App. Platform - Payment Cards
28 PACA_MAIN Payment Card Master Maintenance App. Platform - Payment Cards
29 PAC0104 Screen Configuration App. Platform - Payment Cards
30 PAC0023 Data Sets App. Platform - Payment Cards
31 CM25 Capacity leveling: Variable PP - Capacity Leveling
32 CM21 Capacity leveling SFC planning table PP - Capacity Leveling
33 PL00 Maintenance of packing Instructions LO - Master data
34 OBJ2 C FI Year End Compact Doc.Journal FI - Basic Functions
35 OPUN Capacity overviews PS - Project System
36 SE21 package Builder Basis - Package Tools
37 CM38 Capacity leveling L-T planning PP - Capacity Leveling
38 POPT Test packing Instruction Master Data LO - Master data
39 HUPAST packing Station LO - Basic functions
40 MB58 Consgmt and Ret. packag. at Customer MM - Inventory Management
41 POP1 Create packing Instruction LO - Master data
42 CR11 Add Capacity PP - Work Center
43 CM50 Capacity level.: SFC work cntr list PP - Capacity Leveling
44 CM22 Capacity leveling:SFC planning table PP - Capacity Leveling
45 CM02 Capac. planning, work center orders PP - Capacity Evaluations
46 RSNSPACE BW Namespace Maintenance BW - SAP Business Information Warehouse
47 COWBPACK packing in production orders LO - Master data
48 RL00 Returnable packaging accounts IS - Returnable Packaging Logistics
49 CM29 Capacity leveling: PI planning table PP - Capacity Leveling
50 SPAM Support package Manager Basis - Online Correction Support (Support Package and Add-On Tools)
51 CM40 Capacity leveling in the background PP - Capacity Leveling
52 CR12 Change capacity PP - Work Center
53 IDXPW IDoc package Wizard Basis - Integration Server
54 RSWSPW Workspace Mass Processing
55 CM05 Capacity plan.:Work center overload PP - Capacity Evaluations
56 CR13 Display Capacity PP - Work Center
57 CM24 Capacity leveling: PM indiv. tab. PP - Capacity Leveling
58 F.02 Compact Journal FI - Financial Accounting
59 P16B_ADMIN Salary packaging PA - South Africa
60 CM27 Capacity level.: SFC indiv.cap.graph PP - Capacity Leveling
61 MMBE Stock Overview Logistics - Material Master
62 MB1B Transfer Posting MM - Inventory Management
63 MB1C Other Goods Receipts MM - Inventory Management
64 OMS2 Maintain Material Types Logistics - Material Master
65 MB1A Goods Withdrawal MM - Inventory Management
66 MIGO Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
67 VA01 Create Sales Order SD - Sales
68 VL01N Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref. Logistics Execution - Shipping
69 MM01 Create Material & Logistics - Material Master
70 CASA BP Control: Match Codes FI - Contract Accounts
71 VKP1 Sales price calculation LO - Retail-Pricing
72 MCMV Selection version: Schedule job LO - Reporting
73 RSA3 Extractor Checker Basis - BW Service API
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