Table of Contents

Pricing TCodes

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 V/06 Condition Categories: SD pricing SD - Conditions
2 VK11 Create Condition SD - Conditions
3 V/08 Conditions: Procedure for A V SD - Conditions
4 VOFM Configuration for Reqs, Formulae SD - Account Determination
5 OVKK C RV Table T683V "ProcedrDeterminatn SD - Material Maintenance
6 VA01 Create Sales Order SD - Sales
7 PB00 Recruitment Personnel Mgmt - Recruitment
8 VA02 Change Sales Order SD - Sales
9 VK12 Change Condition SD - Conditions
10 VOV8 Document Type Maintenance SD - Basic Functions
11 VTFL Delivery to bill copying control SD - Basic Functions
12 WBRP Repricing of Trading Contract LO - Trading Contract
13 V/LD Execute pricing report SD - Conditions
14 DP82 PS: Sales pricing Project PS - Revenues and Earnings
15 DP81 PS: Sales pricing PS - Revenues and Earnings
16 V/LA Create pricing Report SD - Conditions
17 VOK0 Conditions: pricing in Customizing SD - Conditions
18 PRCAT Analysis Tools pricing SD - Basic Functions
19 V/LC Display pricing Report SD - Conditions
20 T_06 Cond.types: pricing shipment LE - Freight Processing
21 V/LB Change pricing Report SD - Conditions
22 M/06 Condition Type: (Purchasing) MM - Basic Functions
23 WVN0 Generate pricing worklist LO - Retail-Pricing
24 OV24 pricing: V_T681F for A U SD - Material Maintenance
25 VF01 Create Billing Document SD - Billing
26 M/08 Conditions: Schema for Purchasing MM - Basic Functions
27 ISAUTO_SICCO Display Purchasing pricing (Web) IS - Supplier Workplace
28 OVKI C RV Table V_TVKV "DocpricingProcdr" SD - Material Maintenance
29 VKP6 Change pricing document LO - Retail-Pricing
30 V/07 Maintain Access (Sales Price) SD - Material Maintenance
31 8KEZ EC-PCA Transfer pricing EC - Basic Settings
32 VKP7 Display pricing document LO - Retail-Pricing
33 OVH4 C RV Hierarchie pricing SD - Account Determination
34 F/LD Execute pricing reports SD - Conditions
35 T_73 Maintain pricing procedure LE - Freight Processing
36 OVKO C RV Table TVAP_PR "Item pricing SD - Material Maintenance
37 F/LB Change pricing reports SD - Conditions
38 V/LE Generate pricing reports SD - Conditions
39 F/LA Create pricing Report SD - Conditions
40 F/LC Display pricing reports SD - Conditions
41 VKP3 pricing document for material LO - Retail-Pricing
42 PECM_START_JPR_BSP Start Job pricing BSP PA - Job Pricing
43 OVSL pricing groups for customers SD - Material Maintenance
44 8KEV CO-PA pricing EC - Basic Settings
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