SAP Transaction Codes for S Alr — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information for the transaction code like related TCodes, Tables, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 S_ALR_87013558 Budget/Actual/Commitmt/Rem.Plan/Assg PS - Accounting
2 S_ALR_87013611 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
3 S_ALR_87012357 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur. A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
4 S_ALR_87012284 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement FI - Information System
5 S_ALR_87011964 Asset Balances A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
6 S_ALR_87013533 Plan/Actual/Cmmt/Rem.Plan/Assigned PS - Accounting
7 S_ALR_87013542 Actual/Comm/Total/Plan in COAr crcy PS - Accounting
8 S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
9 S_ALR_87013019 List: Budget/Actual/Commitments A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
10 S_ALR_87012936 Depreciation Simulation FI - Information System
11 S_ALR_87013531 Costs/Revenues/Expenditures/Receipts PS - Accounting
12 S_ALR_87013532 Plan/Actual/Variance PS - Accounting
13 S_ALR_87012172 Customer Balances in Local Currency FI - Financial Accounting
14 S_ALR_87011963 Asset Balances A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
15 S_ALR_87012082 Vendor Balances in Local Currency FI - Financial Accounting
16 S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances FI - Information System
17 S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis for Open Items FI - Financial Accounting
18 S_ALR_87012178 Customer Open Item Analysis(Overdue) FI - Financial Accounting
19 S_ALR_87012993 Orders: Actual/plan/variance A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
20 S_ALR_87012078 Due Date Analysis for Open Items FI - Financial Accounting
21 S_ALR_87013127 Order Selection A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
22 S_ALR_87012086 Vendor List FI - Financial Accounting
23 S_ALR_87003642 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFBOB52 FI - Basic Functions
24 S_ALR_87012050 Asset Acquisitions A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
25 S_ALR_87012093 Vendor Business FI - Financial Accounting
26 S_ALR_87012287 Document Journal A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
27 S_ALR_87012085 Vendor Payment History FI - Financial Accounting
28 S_ALR_87013326 Plan/Actual/Variance: Profit Ctr Grp A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
29 S_ALR_87013340 PrCtr Group: Plan/Actual Comparison A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
30 S_ALR_87013543 Act/plan/variance abs./ % var. PS - Accounting
31 CJEN Reconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data PS - Accounting
32 CJVC Value Category Checking Program PS - Accounting
33 CJI3 Project Actual Cost Line Items Project Systems - Accounting
34 CJ30 Change Project Original Budget CO - Cost Planning in the WBS
35 SUIM User Information System Basis - User Information System
36 CJ32 Change Project Release CO - Cost Planning in the WBS
37 S_ALR_87013535 Actual in COArea/Object/Trans. Curr. PS - Accounting
38 SE16 Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
39 SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes Basis - Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers
40 S_ALR_87013613 Range: Cost Elements A - Anwendungsübergreifende Komponenten S
41 KP26 Change Plan Data for Activity Types CO - Cost Center Accounting
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