SAP Transaction Codes for Toa — the most relevant and popular TCodes are listed at the top. You can click on TCodes to view more information like related TCodes, SAP Help/reference pages, etc. You can also click on the Functional Area to view all the TCodes for that module/sub-module.

# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 AL11 Display SAP Directories Basis - Operating System Monitors
2 PC_PAYRESULT Display Payroll Results PY - Payroll: General Parts
3 SE38 ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
4 OKV6 Target Cost Versions for Orders CO - Cost Object Controlling
5 VT02N Change Shipment LE - Transportation
6 S_BIE_59000022 IMG Activity: SIMGZERtoaHT KM - Knowledge Warehouse
7 ESPLOG Display IDoc StoaCT Log IS - External Service Agent
8 ESPLOGD Delete IDoc StoaCT Log IS - External Service Agent
9 JY81 IS-M: Test - toa01 IS - ###
10 /SYMSOFT/AA ControlPanel Autoauditor