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# TCODE Description Functional Area
1 LBWE LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit Logistics - Logistics Information System (LIS)
2 BBPMAININT Process Vendor or Bidder SRM - ##/########
3 CJ2B Change project planning board PS - Project Planning Board
4 VA01 Create Sales Order SD - Sales
5 PC00_M40_REMP Disbursement of claims PA - India
6 LSO_PSV2 Dynamic Course Menu PE - Training Management
7 LSO_PV15 Follow Up Course PE - Training Management
8 RSDDCHECK Recursive DDIC Consistency Check Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
9 FNV5 Disburse Contract FS - Loans Management
10 PC00_M40_REMT Balance Disbursement PY - India
11 FNVD Disburse Contract FS - Loans Management
12 N1E2 IS-H*MED: Display nursing cycle IS - ####
13 N1E1 IS-H*MED: Change nursing cycle IS - ####
14 LSO_PV1A Change Course PE - Training Management
15 LSO_PV10 Create Course with Resources PE - Training Management
16 OBD6 C FI Maintain Table TCurs Basis - Currency Conversion/Expiring Currency
17 LSO_MMA_MGR Manage Required Courses PE - SAP Learning Solution
18 LSO_LOCAL_CONTENT Locally Available Course Content PE - Authoring Environment
19 LSO_PVEK Manage Course Program PE - Training Management
20 CSRC_TRACE Switch for BOM Recursion Trace LO - Bills of Material
21 N1LP IS-H*MED: Nursing Worklist IS - ####
22 LSO_PV1B Display Course PE - Training Management
23 N1E0 IS-H*MED: Create nursing cycle IS - ####
24 LSO_TAC_TRAIN_RESULT Results Overview: Course PE - Training Management
25 LSO_PV14 Lock/Unlock Course PE - Training Management
26 NMMP IS-H*MED: Nursing IS - ####
27 LSO_SUBSCRIBE_CP Subscribe to Course Program PE - Training Management
28 LSO_RHSEMI60 Course Information PE - Training Management
29 LSO_RHXSTOR0 Cancellations per Course PE - Training Management
30 PC00_M22_UNIIJ Nursing Insurance Status Check PY - Japan
31 LSO_RHXVORM0 Prebookings per Course Type PE - Training Management
32 S_PH9_46000233 Pensionable Earnings and Hours Repor PY - USA
33 LSO_PV11 Create Course Without Resources PE - Training Management
34 LSO_RHXEVALV_OLD Course Appraisals PE - Training Management
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