The complete list of SAP TCodes in Occasional Platform User module. The most commonly used TCodes are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the TCodes specific to that module.

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Top 100 SAP TCodes in OPU - Occasional Platform User

Rank Transaction Code Description Functional Area
1. /IWNGW/14000003 OPU - Notification Gateway
2. /IWBEP/V4_REGISTER SAP Backend Service Registration OPU - Gateway-Framework
3. /IWFND/V4_PUBLISH SAP Gateway Service Publication OPU - Gateway-Framework
4. /IWBEP/01000001 OPU - Gateway SAP Data Enablement
5. /IWXBE/SETUP Enterprise Event Setup OPU - Enterprise Eventing
6. /IWXBE/SERVICE Service for Enterprise Event OPU - Enterprise Eventing
7. /IWBEP/ST_ADMIN Maintain simple transformation OPU - Gateway-Framework
8. /IWBEP/CACHE Backend-Cacheverwaltung OPU - Gateway SAP Data Enablement
9. /IWBEP/CP_ADMIN Client-Proxy-Administration OPU - Gateway-Framework
10. /IWFND/CACHE Gateway-Cacheverwaltung OPU - IWF - Allgemeine Services
11. /IWFND/CACHE_REBUILD Gateway-Modell-Cache neu aufbauen OPU - IWF - Allgemeine Services
12. /IWFND/GW_SUPPORT Gateway-Cloud-Support OPU - IWF - Allgemeine Services
13. /IWXBE/ERROR_LOG Untern.-/tech. Ereign.: Fehlerprot. OPU - Enterprise Eventing
14. /IWXBE/99000008 SM30 OPU - Enterprise Eventing
15. /IWXBE/CONFIG Kanal f. Untern.-/tech. Ereign. konf OPU - Enterprise Eventing