The complete list of SAP TCodes in Portfolio- und Projektmanagement -> Project Management -> Connection to External Systems -> cProjects Accounting Integration module. The most commonly used TCodes are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the TCodes specific to that module.

PPM-PRO-EXT-FIN General TCodes

There are 6 TCodes in cProjects Accounting Integration module.

Rank Tcode Description
1 DPR_FIN_GECCO_R3_REP Replication of Accounting Charact.
2 DPR_FIN_GECCO_RATES Replicate Cost/Revenue Rates
3 DPR_FIN_GECCO_R3_CUS Cost Collector Customizing in R/3
4 DPR_FIN_GECCO_COCP Controlling Cockpit in R/3
5 DPR_FIN_GECCO_TRANSF Project Transfer to R/3 CO
6 PPM_FIN_CUST Maintain Acct. Integratn Customizing
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