The complete list of SAP TCodes in Collaborative Cross Applications module. The most commonly used TCodes are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the TCodes specific to that module.

Rank Tcode Description
1 /POA/50000001 Define Global Settings for CLM
2 /POA/50000002 Define Applications for CLM
3 /POA/50000003 Define Authoring Domains for CLM
4 /POA/50000004 Maintain System Registry for CLM
5 /POA/50000005 Technical Configurations
6 /POA/CLM_API_TESTER Test Adapters
7 /POA/CLM_CLEANUP Clean whole CLM contents from system
8 /POA/SFCPAPPLOG FCP Log in Application Log
9 /POA/SFCPAPPTRACE FCP Trace in Application Log
10 /POA/SFCPAUTODEPLOY Auto deploys archives in URL
12 /POA/SFCPDEPLOY Flex Client Platform Deploy Utility
13 /POA/SFCPWEBDEPLOY Web Deployment For Flex Client Ptfm
14 BUI_PST_TRANS BUI Persistence Service Admin UI
15 /MFS/INVDELTA Field Service ####